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I am a stay-at-home mom to my three beautiful kiddos, two girls and a boy. They say necessity is the mother of all inventions. A skinny bank account and a home to decorate can also spark a few innovations. LOL I am not naturally creative so I have to dig very deep to find a kernal of creativity but I am so excited when something Ive done actually turns out well! :) It fills me with a joy I can hardly explain, especially when it makes my kids happy as well.

So, lately Ive made curtains, seat cushions and a few other things out of some clearance satin sheet sets I got from Target. My daughters love their new curtains, so I guess that was a score. :) As far as my trash to treasure experience, Im hoping Ill find some inspiration from the good people here.

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I am in need of ideas for two items I've been staring at for a while. I just KNOW there are some creative things I could do with them, but my brain is stuck. lol The black shutters originally came as...

Firewood becomes trellis project

One day my 6-year-old-daughter wanted to build a bird house and I liked that idea. So I scrounged around our garage and found the scrap wood we needed. While we worked on that I thought I'd like a...

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Re: � My 2nd TWIST to my Garden-Art �

These are fabulous! I have to know how you did it? I've been looking for something add to my garden to give it whimsy in the summer and color in the winter.

Re: Date Night Find.

I've been to Deadwood, what a neat town. That's fabulous door and I can only imagine the stories it could tell. :)

Re: Ladder Arbor

So fabulous! Do you think it could be sturdy enough to hold a Wysteria vine? I'm dying to get one but dont want to spend the money on a giant arbor.

Re: New Potting Bench from Salvaged Wood

I LOVE this!

Re: My Bench projects

I'm new here and am really loving all the creativity and ideas I'm getting!

I an completely taken with your benches and have been scouring craigslist for some headboards/footboards that might work for this. Do you have instructions you could offer me as to how to build a bench? I'm pretty handy but have no formal training so instructions would be fabulous.

Thank you!