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Pile of Michigan License Plates = Flag of USA

Ouch, my hands hurt! Why or why did white 1962 Michigan plates have to made from thick steel... 40+ plates, 63 pieces and over 300 nails mounted on a stained red wood board comprise this 5-foot wide...

10 Amazing Things Made Using License Plates

Here's what I've been up to lately. See more at the link! Enjoy.

Google Office Projects

I was so excited to get to create custom art for two Google regional offices so far this year! Both offices are located in Michigan, and they wanted the pieces to represent the Great Lake State as...

Wisconsin Map - License Plate Art

It's been awhile but I just finished a very fun and challenging project I'd like to show off. This map of Wisconsin measures 3 feet square, and uses parts of 72 license plates from as early as the...

2014 License Plate Art Project Update

It's been awhile since I posted! Here is a smattering of what I've been doing this year with recycled vintage license plates. Many of these designs are available as metal and canvas prints on my...

Biggest. Map. Ever.

Hey, it's Sue here! On our way to Nashville so we thought we'd spend the week doing a throwback to previous posts! To start it off, we thought we'd share this little ditty from Design Turnpike with his map of the good old USA in honor of the Winter Olympics! Love it! ~Sue _______________________________________________________________ So, a previous client called and asked, "Just how big of a map COULD you make?" And so, this project began. Months later, I am ready to ship out a map made of license plates that is 10 feet wide by 6...

License Plate Art: International Edition!

Some photos of recent projects I've worked on that differ from my typical American patriotic perspective. Japan, Canada, Australia, and a Canadian maple leaf flag. Lots of fun finding these license...

You Guessed It - More License Plate Art!

It's been a busy 2013! Here are a smattering of projects I've worked on so far this year using vintage license plates. Many more pieces over on my website. Hope you swing on by for a visit!

Route 66 License Plate Art

This may well be the only one of these I ever make! The black outside border of the state route emblem is made using 1969 Kansas plates. The inside silver is a sheet of old steel, and each letter and...

More License Plate Animals!

Part 2 of my series of animals made out of recycled vintage license plates! Enjoy :)

More License Plate Art City Skylines!

I've been doing lots of American cities using recylced vintage license plates!

More License Plate State Maps!

Continuing in my quest to do maps of all 50 states using recycled vintage license plates. Enjoy!

License Plate Art Animals

Started this series of animals this summer. Lots more coming: Lion, Hippo, Shark, Giraffe, Dog and Peacock. All pieces are made from vintage license plates on wood. Hope you enjoy!

License Plate Skyscrapers & Skylines

Been working on a series of skyscrapers and skylines using old license plates, mounted on blue wood boards. Here are a few. These all measure 22 x 12. Kind of a cool way to reuse all my scraps from...

A Little Bird Told Me...

... that a certain well known nature foundation might like to commision a series of state birds made out recycled license plates. So, here we go! First two here. Enjoy :)

License Plate Letter Signs

Lately, in addition to the large license plate maps I make, I've been receiving orders for a lot of signs made with assorted vintage license plate letters. I created a tool on my website where...

Recent License Plate Art and Map Projects

It's been a busy 2011! Here are a few projects I've been doing. Enjoy!

License Plate Map Process

Another pile of plates turned into a piece of art! Created for display at the historic Model T Automotive Heritage Complex in...

Michigan License Plate Flag

Holy license plate flag! 156 Michigan license plates transformed into a gigantic 12 ft wide flag of the United States.

Mizzou vs Michigan!

Client has mixed allegiances to both Missouri and Michigan (works in the treasurers office at University of Missouri Springfield!) so he wanted one of each for his office. These matching license...

4 Old Plates = 10,000 Lakes

Finally had a chance to do a map of Minnesota out of vintage plates. This one needed a green-ish base to match with a great room wall. I love the fact that I was able to find plates from the 50s for...

Georgia on my mind...

A 3 foot by 3 foot map of the Peach State for a new client in tony Buckhead outside of Atlanta! Used mainly old discarded 70s plates for this one. I really like the wood boards used for this piece...

United States License Plate Map of the Fifty States

Each state in the union is painstakingly represented in this huge map with its own license plate. The map measures about 60 x 42 and weighs about 35 pounds. Every license plate is genuine and the...

Arkansas License Plate Map

The Natural State, in fall colors. Some old trucking license plates live on in these fun pieces, both a big and small version. These currently are on display in a cool new boutique in Little Rock...

Ohio State Buckeyes License Plate Art

A pile of 1970 Ohio license plates, some other plate scraps and some bright red stained boards transformed into the logo of the Ohio State Buckeyes!

Don't Mess With The Golden State!

Two piles of expired license plates, some wood, nails and glue have become a matching set of license plate maps for a nice lady in Washington State. They will soon adorn a stunningly red wall in her...

Microscope Lamp

How about break from license plate art and maps? This cool lamp was created by my very handy father-in-law using an old large microscope. Had to share it!

Green Mountain State License Plate Map

A client in Vermont wanted a map for his studio lobby. So, a pile of discarded plates from decades past will live on for years to come!

Cross State Rivalry

The Spartans and the Wolverines, immortalized using genuine vintage Michigan license plates! These two pieces repelled each other like magnets, so I had to snap the photos quickly. :) This fall...

Been Busy Lately...

Some of the projects that are keeping me busy these days and ensuring my tin-snip-induced callouses never soften! Hope you enjoy.

Noel License Plate Art

Yes, I know it is January and these pics are about a month late... But better late than never! Some old license plates transformed into a holiday decoration you might not expect. Colorado, Wisconsin...

Go Blue - Michigan Football License Plate Art

College football fans know that U-M Football is down right now, but they will rise again! At least the M-Den store in Ann Arbor believes that... they are currently showcasing this piece in their...

Roll Tide!

This past Saturday, on the day Alabama clinched a spot in the BCS title game, I finished an Alabama license plate map for a big-time fan. Good timing, I'd say!

Thirteen Colonies License Plate Map

If you can't tell, I love maps. So I thought a map of the original thirteen colonies as they existed in 1776 would be a fun miniature to try. This piece would be a cool one hanging in a junior high...

Birds and Flowers License Plate Art

Another fun project with license plates! My client (who doubles as my sister!) wanted to have a piece of license plate art made for her new baby's nursery, that both matched her bedding style and was...

Patriotic Miniature License Plate Map

What happens when you take leftover license plates from the 60s and 70s (they are generally the only ones painted solid colors on the back) and cut them into strips, which, put together, create a...

Motor City Mini License Plate Art

Skyline of Detroit, from a new perspective! Created using license plates from various states mounted on a red-stained board.

Miniature US License Plate Map by Design Turnpike

A miniature version of the larger Fifty States piece. Painstakingly created using pieces of a license plate from all 50 states. Mounted on a single stained board, measuring 14 x 9 inches.

Ford Logo License Plate Art by Design Turnpike

A miniature homage to my hometown's Ford Motor Company, created entirely from license plates from various US states. Mounted on a single stained board, measuring 14 x 9 inches. Apologies to those who...

Old Glory Miniature License Plate Art by Design Turnpike

A miniature version of the larger Old Glory piece, assembled from plates from various US states. Mounted on a single stained board, measuring 14 x 9 inches.

Michigan License Plate Map by Design Turnpike

A unique piece of Michigan history, containing Michigan license plates from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Mounted on stained board. Measures 36 x 36 inches.

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Totally love it!

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Love these. Very cool!

Re: Michigan License Plate Flag

CeraJean, have at it! Imitation = flattery :)

I'm posting a small version of it this morning as it happens. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

@GarageSaleDiary - I am selling these... Email me at for more info.

Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

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As a license plate lover, I rate this one 10!

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That sign is awesome!

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Very creative. Love it!

Re: Michigan License Plate Flag

Just one more fun tidbit... A print of this artwork will be used on set in an upcoming pilot on ABC called "Georgetown." Believe it or not Warner Brothers contacted me about using it after browsing my online print store! Thanks for the nice comments, everyone :)

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Totally awesome!

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Brilliant idea!

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Awesome as usual!

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Totally love!

Re: Georgia on my mind...

DustyRust - I have done a dozen or so Michigans! I am a Great Lake Stater as well. I think I posted photos here somewhere so look under my profile.

Thanks to all others for your nice comments. I love sharing my work here and seeing the amazing things others are creating. Great website.

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The EAT signage rocks.

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By the way, great photography as well. And I love that flag!

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Wow, where did you gt it? Very unique and lots of character...

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Awesome stuff. Love the concept.

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

Absolutely awesome. I love every aspect of it. Your weathering technique is perfect. Thanks so much for posting this and taking the time to write such interesting descriptions.


I'm liking this idea... Could work well with license plates also!

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Like the color... very era-appropriate!

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Very cool!

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You are the man! Jealous of your line name also :)

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The colors are so great!

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Jim, coming from you that is a very nice compliment. I am a big fan of your work. Thank you!

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That looks awesome!

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Your finishing technique, bold colors and sense of design make your projects my favorite on the site. Great job again.

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Colors are terrific!

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Re: Roll Tide!

Kathy, just heavy-duty tin snips. A lot of practice and some well built-up metacarpals help too!

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Very cool!


Dr Pepper: My favorite drink!

Re: Birds and Flowers License Plate Art

Thank you everyone for the kind comments. I had a lot of fun with this and can't wait to deliver it! Racers7 (Melody): How did I cut these? Heavy duty tin snips and some patience!

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Old barn wood... I'm drooling!

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Awesome, fun, cool stuff!

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Really an amazing transformation!

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Who would have thought plumbing pieces could look this good?

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As always, very cool. I love your sense of color and the boldness you bring to every project.

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The letters are a huge score! Nice work as always :)

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The distressing is perfect!

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Mimi, thanks for your insight and warm welcome!

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Love the bold color!

Re: Stamp Box

Love old stamps. Nice work!

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Very nice work. I also do license plate art and appreciate your take on it!

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It looks great!

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Thanks everyone for the insightful and nice comments! I have taken your advice and removed any promotional aspects off my posting to conform to the user agreement.

Re: Michigan License Plate Map by Design Turnpike

Thanks for the nice comments! Anyone know why my other 3 posts are not showing up under My Contributions? I'm new here, thanks in advance...