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From the Curb to the...Kitchen??

One of this summers curb side finds.  I know, I know...but I thought it had great potential. I flipped the cabinet upside down and readjusted the knobs. Used futon slats to make a backnbsp...


This would be a great frame even if you just gave it a coat of paint.  Why not think outside the frame.  This frame was in a heap outside of a house being cleaned out (usually a...

Not just for sleeping anymore!

This bed was missing it's side rails.  So I used this frame and slats from a futon I picked up on the curb and there you go.  I think this would fit nicely on anyones porch or in a...

Problem solved

A girl friend was telling me about how much jewelry she has that she doesn't wear.  In the morning when getting dressed she doesn't have time to look through boxes or untangle pieces to wear. I...

Everybody has shutters, don't they?

This was a broken shutter, the slats were falling out of the top. I cut off the top and used that for the support. Now I can get the magazines off the floor.   I shutter to think what...

East meets Midwest

I'm the kind of girl that will build a whole outfit around a $3.00 belt, so with that in mind.  A while back I came across this fabulous machanical brass lock and key with an oriental...

Out to pasture

One of my roadside finds. I find it hard to drive by any promising treasure.

Trash 2 treasure

I simply took a solid two tier endtable and removed the top.  Upholstered the table and added tassles.

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Thanks everyone for the Koo-dos!
I used contact cement to glue the leather down. The process was slow because once you make contact you're committed.


No it wasn't one piece. The trick was to join the pieces in the groves so it wouldn't be so noticeable. The leather was very supple so it wasn't to difficult.

Re: Problem solved

Thanks again, Georgia.
You'll notice that this is a very slim screen, so it doesn't take much room. I did a large oval frame and hung it on my wall next to my dressing table. My bed room is so small I have to leave the room to turn around.


Thanks for the encouragement, Georgia!


Re: ugly bookshelf

Most veneers are plastic based, did you try the paint that is designed for plastics?

I've had some success with those.


Re: Ladder Message Center

I have a couple of bunkbed ladders and hadn't come up with any ideas yet. This is a great idea.