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I am a strong believer in recycling. Every item should be given a second life.
Hold it, turn it upside down, inspect it from all angles and then repurpose it.
I love to flip through the blogs to see what wonderful things everyone has created. Keep them coming!!!

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Recycled Denim Tote Bags

These are denim tote bags that I make from old jeans and overalls. I line the insides with recycled fabrics if I can find them. Usually sheets and pillowcases, that have been cleaned really well. I...

Knick Knacks

It has been raining for two days straight up at my cottage so I have been busy downloading pictures. Here are a few more little knick knacks that I have around my cottage.

Sticks and Stones

I try to walk on the beach everyday when I am at my cottage and usually cannot come home empty handed. My garage is filled with wood and stones gallore!

Dressers and more

These are a few of the items I have in my cottage. The theme seems to be following the white painted furniture and beach glass.

Gramma's Room

This is my mother-in-laws room at the cottage. She is english and likes flowers and girlie things.  Most of the items in the room were used pieces that we refurbished and painted white.

Shutter Shelf

My love of shutters had me create this little shelf using a black tin box and some plasic grasses. It is in my cottage family room.

Window Frame

When I came across this window frame I knew I had to hang it above my bed. So I had glass and mats cut to fit the windows and then went down to the beach and took a few photos. I enlarged them and...

Recent comments

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

Jim, fab piece. Alot of hard work to get the perfect piece. It makes it worth the effort! Well done.


Great find. You should use it as a door, but hang it like a barn door on a sliding system.
I also just refinished an old door and made it into a display for my open house sales. I inserted sheet metal in the window on one side, and a chalkboard on the other.
Made a stand for it and hung a shelf on it for my guest book.

Re: Vanity Dresser turned to Desk

This looks great!! What a great way to combine all three items.
To give the corkboard some punch try adding a piece of your favourite fabric on top of the cork.

Re: Some more of the Master Bath

I have some small black shutter doors that would look amazing as a shelf like this. Thanks for the great idea!!

Re: pet bed

This is a great idea. I have been trying to come up with an idea for our cat so she won't sleep on the end of our bed. This works great and is lovely!!

Re: TV Console needs help!

This looks like a great office hutch. I would suggest setting it on top of another piece to raise the height. Take the bottom scroll off and remove the panels in the front doors and add some etched glass.
Paint it up in a great colour and remove the bottom speaker area, for a sliding drawer for the keyboard, and slide out counter top underneath the keyboard drawer for a work surface. The side slots could have some kind of pull out storage for other files or office supplies.

Could also use for a laptop and put storage drawers underneath for files.
Best of luck!!
Can't wait to see what it becomes.

Re: Antique drapery rod key holder

This is a great idea. Will be keeping my eyes open.

Re: Potting Bench

This is a great job.
I have one similar, but instead of a door for the back I used a window frame and put chicken wire on the back. I just used 'S' hooks to hand my garden tools!
Love you idea may have to make another one!!

Re: Fun photo/card display

Love, love, love this!!!
I will have to make something similar for 'Gramma's' room.
She sends us beautiful thank you cards whenever she comes to stay. Now I know where I can dislay them.
Thanks again!!

Re: East meets Midwest

Fabulous job! What a creative eye you have.
I can't believe it came from that pile of odd pieces.

Re: Everybody has shutters, don't they?

Wonderful idea! From one shutter lover to another!
This is a super project and one I will definately try. Thanks!

Re: File Drawer Hanger

From one newbie to another, Welcome!
This is a great project!! Love the coloring.
Can't wait to see more.

Re: Easy project for a fun planter

Love making anything from old doors or shutters.
looks fab!

Re: Altered Altar

This would look wonderful on top of a desk. Add some small shelves or holders of some sort to the outer pieces and a bulletin board/message board/calendar to the centre.
I would paint it so it doesn't look so ominous.
Maybe paint the main pieces white, the pillars and top black and add an accent color to all the little detailed gingerbread pieces. Great salvage find!!!