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I believe my fascination for collecting junk started when I was a broke college student living in Philadelphia. I still have two chairs I trash-picked there over 20 years ago. Flea markets and garage sales were next, and somewhere along the line, finding treasures was more exciting than looking at new furniture. I moved on to auctions, and after getting solid, functional, unique pieces for reasonable prices, I knew this would always be my style and my very fun hobby.

I always seem to have a half-finished project or two set up in the basement, so I have made a committment for 2010 - to go room by room in our house and finish all of the little things Ive started or thought about. I will cross-post much of it here and on my blog, It kind of holds me accountable if I know I have to write about what I finish :-)

I LOVE this web site! I bought the premiere edition of JunkMarket Style magazine, and have been looking for new editions ever since. I was recently Googling Sue Whitney, and here I am! (With her books on order from Amazon!) I am enjoying looking at other posts and pictures, and marveling at the creativity and ingenuity. Its very inspirational. And its wonderful to find so many people who love to decorate the same way I do.

I have much to learn in the way of craftsmanship and skill sets. I know I am in the right place :-)

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3rd Floor Stairs

A friend of mine gave me this idea years ago when I was trying to think of something unique for the stairs. I had three PA license plates and got the others from ebay.

My Treasures

Some of my favorite trash-to-treasures.

Kitchen Rack

I got this idea after my brother did this for my step-mother. She had two of these old ladders, and my brother hung one in her kitchen. She gave me the other ladder, and I immediately did the same...

Entertainment Center

This old dresser was in my basement when I bought my house nine years ago. The veneer was peeling off, and I used it for storage until I had the idea to make it into a TV stand. I distressed it...

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Re: Proof It's In The Jeans



This is awesome. The greenhouse is the perfect size for a small yard, and it looks great. Really love the chair-back shelf, too. No part of the junk left to waste :-) Perfect.

Re: "Picture Perfect" Books...

These are really great. Very innovative. Love them!

Re: How to Build a Chest of Drawers?

Beautiful as a stand-alone; stunning with the accessories! Absolutely love it!

Re: Junk Tables for $1000 Please

Really awesome. So perfect for outside!

Re: A Smooth Place To Hang Your Hat

This is gorgeous. Really LOVE it!

Re: "The Twelve Best"~Vintage Clock

OMG!! I need one!

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

So great!!!!!


Really great!! A perfect piece.

Re: Junky Love

Have an awesome February! This display is adorable.

Re: Vintage Doorknob Curtain Tiebacks

These are great! I've been trying to think of unique tie backs for the living room and bedroom. This gives me ideas :-)

Re: Near and Dear to my Heart

Nope, not junk :-) It's so awesome that you have it and use it. These things make the most special accents in a room. And it's really interesting, too. Very unique.

Re: The joy of JUNKING!

Joy of Junking indeed! What amazing stuff. Can't wait to see and read what you do with it!

Re: architectural hangings

Awesome!! Love these!

Re: Putting a Little Light on the Subject!

This is so nice! Love how you incorporated the different elements. Gorgeous!

Re: This shelf is "wired"!

I love this!!

Re: Stained Glass Bike wheel spinner!

This is spectacular!! A perfect piece for outdoors. Nice job!!

Re: Rusty Tin Covering

Makes an awesome statement! I love it.

Re: Garbage to Treasure

Great save and repurpose! Open shleves in a kitchen is such a great look. And I love what you've chosen to display. Really lovely!

Re: Bird in the Cage...

This is so precious. Really well done. And congratulations on feature of the week :-)