Orlando, FL, US

I am a junker, antiquer and crafter who has enjoyed old pieces since age 12, when I gave tours at my hometown historical society. In a hoop skirt! Now, MANY years later, I enjoy primitives, cottage style, chippy paint and anything covered in rust.

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New wreath from old junk

Thanks to inspiration from JUNKMARKET Style, I'm totally into creating wreaths using my beloved old rusty tools. For a post-holiday wreath, I turned to pieces I already hat collected -- including a...

Junky front porch Christmas

The weather is actually cool here in Florida and I was inspired to "junk up" the front porch for Christmas. Rust, pincones, tools and chippy paint...the perfect colors for the holidays.

Xmas tree from a thrift store planter

I wanted to decorate for Christmas this year using my newfound love of unique junk pieces. I found a hanging planter at our Humane Society Thrift Shop -- I love thrift shops dedicated to a wonderful...

Love of old silver

I am totally in love with vintage silver pieces. Talk about patina and character. Candlesticks, trays, baby cups, trophies...They are always on my "find" list for flea market and thrift store...

Birdhouse beauties

We love old birdhouses -- especially those with great paint. So for our side yard, we combined an assortment of birdhouses, along with a vintage bird bath we painted red, vintage chairs and a...

In love with old metal

We love the patina and color of old metal objects and have used them to decorate our outside deck.  The blue child's chair, "home art project" red bell, wrought iron candlestick...

Junk Style Centerpiece

If only this rusty, green lantern could talk...We picked it up for $2 at the World's Largest Garage Sale. I love the color and patina. I married it with a vintage silver plate serving tray, some...

Recycled Garden -- fence and all

We were trying to figure out a rustic county fence for our cabin -one that didn't look too nachine-made. We found a neighbor selling 8-foot locust wood pieces -- very rustic and very hardynbspin...

Garage Sale Yard Fun

We created a fun yardscape ala garage sales. We found the wheelbarrow, pump and white metal chair at the World's Largest Garage Sale. The toolbox (now holding mums) and the great ceramic frog were...

Window Pane

I'm always looking for fun new ways to display treasures. The window frame, table cloth, flower painting and silver plate were from local garage sales. Silver candelabra wasnbsp...

Junk fall decor

This is my first post and I have been inspired by all the ideas from my fellow junkers. I was looking for a way to decorate our front step for fall but not break the budget. So I went into my...

Recent comments

Re: JMS Swap Pairings Complete

Hi, Sue! Haven't received the e-mail yet with my junk partner. Anything I can do to help? Can't wait to begin this junking adventure. Take care, Wendy

Re: "Bird of Nature" Necklace

Thank you for sharing your jewelry project -- and your wonderful talent. This necklace has so much beautiful detail. It's as if every piece has a story to tell. Can't wait to see more of your gift!

Re: The Key to my heart!

I absolutely love this. (I never knew you could take apart old paperweights and put new goodies inside them!)This beautiful piece really honors your son and his sons. I love it!

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

Count me in! Sounds like great fun

Re: Would Thomas Edison be Proud?

You've created a beautiful lamp that honors these great heroes. My husband is a deputy sheriff and I know your gift will be a huge hit with others who protect and serve.

Re: A Ho-Ho - Whole lotta Christmas Junk!

Kathy -- What a wonderful assortment of Christmas junk. I love the clock box, the hay unloader, the bottles, the boxes. I know it's just eight days until Xmas but I'm inspired to dig into the junk stash for new ideas. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Holidays.

Re: Farm Junk Recycled

I'm a Wisconsin native and I love the farm junk. It reminds me of home. Great job!


I love this project. I am a huge fan of old silver and trophies. Always looking for new ways to use them. The trophy bottle trees are perfect. And I adore the bling. Great stuff!

Re: (sing with me) Junkin around the Christmas tree...

I absolutely love this. A wonderful, warm display featuring beloved junk. Hope Santa brings more vintage finds for Christmas. Thank you for sharing.

Re: Vintage Holiday Vignette

Love your creative Christmas arrangement of vintage treasures. The guest book is awesome!

Re: It's Getting Frosty Outside

What a wonderful display! I love the combination of the skates and candles. Great estate sale finds. (If you need someone to accompany you on your next treasure hunt, holler!)

Re: So what do I do with a lot of "tiny" junk?? Maybe a collage or two!

Your collages are wonderful. Each tells a great story via junk. I'm inspired -- and loving the idea of hibernating during the winter with junk projects! Only problem, I live in Florida...Can we do warm-weather hiberation here?

Re: It's so "cloche'" to Cristmas time!!!!

What a wonderful idea -- especially the memory cloche. Your pieces express special stories you have honored in a beautiful way. Thank you. Wendy

Re: Weight just a minute...there's junk in those paperweights!

I love these. You have an incredible eye. Where many people would have seen only a plain glass orb, you saw a creative junking project! I'm inspired. Thank you and good luck at Scott's. We go to the Atlanta show often and love it.

Re: Chalkboard for Mom

I absolutely love your mom's gift. It's creative, useful...a piece of art. You have inspired me to look for unique junk pieces to transform. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome board.

Re: A Gift for the Music Teacher

This is such a thoughtful, creative and personal gift. I know E's teacher will cherish it forever. Your project inspires me to use unique, junk treasures as gifts this holiday season. Thank you!

Re: How to Spruce Up Your Porch

I absolutely love this! Your piece has such creativity, texture and character. Your post has me inspired to look for junk holiday containers that will spruce up my entire house. Charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Art Axes

Your artwork and creativity are amazing! I never thought of an ax as a painting canvas before! Love your work, and I'm sure your daughter did too!

Re: Paris Themed Necklace

What a beautiful, spiritual piece you created. I love vintage pieces and hope you will share even more of your work. It's gorgeous!

Re: Sew many things to do...with old drawers

I love old sewing pieces. And drawers, to this junker, are the ultimate display piece. Great job. I love it. I'll be looking for vintage sewing pieces at thrift stores and garage sales this weekend thanks to your inspiration!

Re: "Emerging from the JunkYard" and Designing for a Cause

What a wonderful project for a wonderful cause!!!! Your room is so inspirational in so many ways. I love your artwork, work station, colors and total junk creativity. Whoop Whoop X 10!! Great job and thank you for sharing.

Re: Window Pane

Yes, I agree. Husband Doug is a gem. He has a great eye for junk -- and often finds the best treasures by searching flea markets and shows slowly and carefully...while I dash around like a crazy woman. Doug is a deputy sheriff in our hometown, so in addition to junk and antiques, he loves old police memorabilia -- badges, uniform buttons, police signs and patches. Many thanks for the kind comments! Wendy