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Falling Flowers Spring Sign

Falling Flowers Spring Sign #DIYMySpring

Melted Crayon Christmas Tree

Melting crayons onto burlap in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Large Chalkboard with Junk

Made a large chalkboard for a calendar and added junk to the frame to hold chalk, eraser and even a sharpener.

Rustic Crate Makeover

Rustic Crate into an ottoman

Summer on the Porch

Summer on the front porch

Spindle Ladder

Decorative ladder made with old spindles.

Mason Jar Christmas Tree

A little different Christmas tree made from stacked mason jars.

Framed Pumpkins

Framed Pumpkins made from thrift shop frames and towels.

Layered Frames

Layered Frames

Spindle Christmas Tree

My spindle tree made for the front porch

Farmhouse File Box

Using a tea and vinegar technique, I aged pine boards to make a file box.  I used beyondreadingmoldy old book covers to make dividers for days of the week, dates of the month, and months of the...

Ink Stained Coffee Filter Heart

Coffee filters with red ink stained along the edges and gllued onto a cardboard heart cut-out.

Reclaimed Trash Blackboard

I simply painted the wood chair back with a coat of almost black paint {2 parts black mixed with 1 part dark green} and then painted just the center with black chalkboard paint.  I routered a...

Wooden Ball Chandelier {ideal from Pottery Barn}

Wooden Ball Chandelier.

Wood Scrap Heart

Wood Scrap Heart made with scrap wood.  You can hang or sit on mantle.  This is a giveaway for Valentines Day.

Rustic Spindle Candle Holder

A broken spindle from a junk yard table, a glass hurricane from Mexico, and bit of sticky stuff, add a candle and voile...a rustic candle holder from junk.

Metal Trim

A great find, 4' of metal trim.  I cut wood trim to 4' then stained the wood to match my workshop.  Attaching trim along the top and front edge helped to secure the metal to my...

70's Lamp Paper Towel Holder

You know those 70"s lamps you find in flea markets and yards sales with the large glass globe in the base...usually in green or gold, sometimes clear?  The metal on these lamps have beautiful...

Recent comments

Re: Falling Flowers Spring Sign

Thank you everyone! Easy and messy to make!

Re: Summer on the Porch

Thank you CreepinJen!

Re: Easy peasy baby collage

Very sweet idea for a quick display! Love the soft colors.

Re: Wagon world


Re: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner...JUNKMARKET Style!

Oh my Gosh!!! I'm so excited. Thank you to everyone. I love all the creativity going on here at Junkmarket Style. Hugs and Happy Christmas to everyone!


Re: Taking the "Challenge"...Broken Lantern to Ball Jar "Snow Globe"...

This makes me want to break out the ugly glass in an old lantern we have. Great repurpose! ~Jeanette

Re: Take the Challenges: Encourage Others and Toot Your Own Horn!!

I've missed Junkmarket. :( Happy to start to reconnect with this great community again. This is a great idea too! ~Jeanette

Re: Mystery Machine Mason Jar Challenge Entry

So simple and sweet! It makes me smile too! ~Jeanette

Re: MASON JAR CHALLENGE - Peace on Earth "JUNKOLIDAY" Mantle Adornment

Wow! Love this and inspiring for other holidays too. Pinning! ~Jeanette

Re: Farmhouse File Box

Oophs! I will add a post here for the technique too. But in the meantime...add fine steel wool to a jar and pour white vinegar on top to cover. Let sit 24 hours. After 24 hours make a cup of tea with regular tea bag. "Paint" the board with tea and let dry. Then "paint" with the "ironed" vinegar. The wood will darken as it dries.
I need to fix my settings to email me when anyone leaves a comment. Sorry it took so long to reply.

Re: Hooked on Books

Love this! I think it great to put these wonderful old books into great projects. It's our way to love them all over again in a different way.

Re: Radiator Water Bag Tote

I love it! How did you transfer the image?

Re: Mirror, mirror in the barn...

Wish I had a barn!! Lol. Great job bringing it to life again.

Re: My Nod to Donna!

Love it!!!

Re: A Couple of Repurposed Bird Feeders

I love the colors!!

Re: Reclaimed Trash Blackboard

@gadgetsponge, Thank you! I wasn't sure if it would work but the two paints are close in color. If I had used straight black paint it would have given it a different contrast. I too like the blending.

Re: Reclaimed Trash Blackboard

Thank you for adding this project to the member spotlight!

Re: Welded Birdhouse

That is so awesome! What lucky birds. Just keep it out of the sun!

Re: Quirky Decor

Very fun and witty!

Re: Repurposed Silverplate Pitcher Birdhouse with Modified Forks & Spoons

Beautiful and so fancy! I sure the uptown birds will love it.

Re: Fresh Light Sapphire Necklace with Soft Leaves

Love the "softness!" Very pretty.

Re: Wooden Ball Chandelier {ideal from Pottery Barn}

You can get wooden balls with or without holes...I got with.

Re: Old Dropcloth Gets New Job in Laundry Room

That cozy for the ugly laundry bottle is priceless! WOW!

Re: Upcycled Vintage Canvas Bin Side Table

Love the canvas bin. Great storage.

Re: Swedish Tool Box

Great job! You will always enjoy it. I always believe in making a object yours.

Re: Holiday Mantel

I saw some amazing mantles on the web...but I like yours best.

Re: My Redesign on a Redesign!

Stunning! A magical place.

Re: Forest Glam DIY

WOW! Amazing. Gotta go take a second look at my lighting. Thanks so very much for sharing.

Re: How to Use Candles that No Longer Burn

GREAT project. Awesome idea and reuse of trash.

Re: Lighting Up your Fall Outdoor Table...Quick and Easy

We just emptied 36 Mason jars of coins collected over several years...couldn't toss them, didn't want to reused them for food, and have plenty in my workshop for nails etc. This is a great idea for them because I do have plenty of wooden boxes. Just wish I could find an awesome metal tray. Thank you for sharing.

Re: I Luv Ma Junky Projects


Re: Paper Bag Vase

Truly something from trash! Love it.

Re: Billy Jo's "DO OVER DECO" Part 7

Amazing look in the western style...and great red color. I made these in the shabby chic style on the central coast of California...most painted white. But I'm loving the wagon wheels.

Re: Laurel Putman is Dripping with Charm and Will be at JMUG "Fall Edition

I really like the "metal" tags...fantastic job.