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Spelling with Treasured Junk

I had been wanting to spell out my name for a very long time, but alas, no letters of interest were in my hunting I created them with random pieces I had around the house.  This will...

Rustic Romantic Valentines

Just having some fun on a snow day with some scrabble letters...

Coat Cubby/Garden center and Picket Fence Table

These are two things that I created a while ago.  The coat cubby/Garden stuff center was made out of kitchen cabinet doors left over from a remodeling project.  At times it held jackets...

"Book" shelves

This "book" shelf was inspired by designs I have seen where book are hung on a wall with "L" brackets and then other books are loaded on them and it creats a floating effect.  I had some old...

dough board organizer

I have had this dough board that I bought a few months back at an antique store and wanted to do something interesting with it.  I have needed a better place to hang my purse and such as I run...

Bottle Christmas Tree

My husband and I love this soda made in Kentucky.  We recently moved into a small place temporarily and had no room for a big Christmas tree.  So I desided to recycle our favorite drinks...

Recent comments

Re: Summer Deck made from Pallets

Neat use of materials, I've seen people make fences out of them, but the deck is aboardable....ha, ha.

Re: Triplet graduation

How unique and thoughtful. So special!

Re: WruffledWren Vinatge Ornament Wreaths

So very glamerous!!!

Re: It Began by Planting a Tree Limb..continued

It's so enchanting! If I was an orphaned plant, I would want you to take me home.

Re: pet bed

Now I'm sad that I gave my two end tables like that away! Great idea!

Re: The Toad House

So very creative and whimsical...since the toads have a lovely home, maybe the fairies need one too...keep sharing your fun stuff!


This is just lovely. See what teamwork can do!

Re: Bottle Christmas Tree

Thanks for all of the friendly "welcomes". I look forward to seeing everyone else's winter projects. And to answer LuAnn's question, I used that wonderful product, Gorilla glue. First I used an old cabinet door from a kitchen remodel and glued down a row of bottles (I went heavier on the glue at this part to make a stable base). Then I built on that by adding two tiny drops of the glue (so the foam was not showing or overtaking the piece) at 1-2 O'clock on the left base bottle and 2 drops at 11 o'clock on the right base bottle, and then placed a bottle on top of them. I kept building up as each level dried. Then I was able to pick the piece up by the cabinet door base and set it on the antique crate. After I posted, I saw some other giant trees on the internet made of wine bottles that were standing up, but I had not seen any made with the bottle on the side. I hope these directions helped.