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Re: From Fireplace to Mantle!

Another awesome project you came up with. I love candles
being displayed on them and yet the glass bottles with
flowers would be pretty for Spring.
I really liked the holder sitting in the window and the
white soup tureen.....LOVE IT!

Re: An odd Couple can make a perfect least for furniture

This is an awesome piece! I always love the tredle bases...
I have one with a glass top. But this with the open
box is "one of a kind". I may have to find another base
and find me a box. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Must be L-O-V-E!

I really like this project. I love the colors. It could
be something that could sit out all the time. You could
also use other wordings such as FAMILY for other gift ideas.
A great display...Thanks for sharing.

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

I LOVE THIS!!!! What a personal Valentine for that special someone. I ALSO LOVE COKE A COLA so I love it even more.
I would love to have it hanging it my Family Room all year long. I really do enjoy seeing your junk projects.


Whoever thought a fish tank could look so elegant?
It is beautiful. The mercury glass is the perfect
pieces for it. I'm going to have to find me a fish
tank. I have old prisms that I think would look good
also. Thanks for your beautiful display!

Re: Church Treasures

I LOVE the bench! I have looked for one to put on my
"landing" from my Coca Cola basement. I love throw
pillows so it would be fun to have some to match.
Guess I'll have to do like you...have one cut down as
I can never find the small one.
I like the Attendance Board also...I could imagine
different things you could put on it. Yours is perfect
with Hubby being a Pastor.
The other pieces blend right in making a beautfiul
entry way. Thanks for sharing.

Re: From Church Chair to Bedside Table

Awesome use of the old chair. I love the mirror and then
the pictures on top. A beautiful project!

Re: This one will be a BIG surprise

A lovely piece of furniture. Be sure to show us what you use if for! Thanks

Re: Sew worth watching TV!

I LOVE tredle sewing machines. This is a project I've not
seen before and it is great. Something different.


All of the above ideas sound great.
Definitely do not paint it. I've seen
lots of candle holders/arrangements made
from tree stands. This would not take much
as it is such a beautiful piece with it's color.
Let us see what you decide to do. Thanks

Re: rolling pin collection

How simple of an idea to display your beautiful collection
of pins. Looks great!

Re: Panel Door Headboard

Beautiful and yet so simple. The BLACK finishes it up!
Enjoy your lovely piece.

Re: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree Centerpiece

A great remembrance...I like the elegance! Good job.

Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

I love the "Paris" look lamp! Would love that hanging
in my computer room that has Country French accents.
A mighty smart woman you are...keep it up.

Re: "Give" for Kelsey

I love the simple elegance of this project! In fact, I
have a pair of hands similar so I might try something
similar. Love the color combination! Great style.

Re: Shimmer Me Timbers

I love everything about this beautiful chandelier!!!
That includes your awesome write-up about it.
I always tell my friends that soothing in the tub is
like taking "nerve medicine". This would be like taking
a double dose of medicine. ha Thanks for sharing and
I'll continue to see what brilliant ideas you come up with.

Re: One of My Top Ten - Cloches!

I thoroughly enjoyed your CLOCHE displays. So simple and
elegant! I liked the rusty colander base and also the
door knob as a vase...such clever ideas. I sure never would
have thought of using a wine glass...beautiful. Thanks
for sharing all your beautiful artwork.

Re: My "JUNK" Tree

I keep thinking...wish I could see the top of the tree.
I can only imagine what type of "tree topper" you came
up. This is what I want next Christmas!!!

Re: Sophie the Dachshund

OMG, this is precious!!! I've had 3 dauchunds and I also had a zylophone when I was much younger. I'm going to have to find another one and add my own personal touches to make a replica of the 3 children I had.ha
This is too darling.

Re: Inspired By Gretchen - Old Garage Door Headboard

The headboard turned out great. I agree, some vintage
hardware would give the finishing touch.

Re: My "JUNK" Tree

I love everything about your tree. The color scheme is perfect. I like that you used the glass door knobs.
I would have never thought of the silverware but it looks
great. Then the black accents finished it up. I don't
think of this as a "junk" project at all. It is Beautiful.
Thanks and Happy New Year.


This is a great idea for these beautiful doiles.
I've had the same problem in that my home is more contemporary and I felt they didn't go. This would be
beautiful on my all glass table!!!
I have milk glass cream and sugar containers that I use
as vases which would add some color also.
Thank You so much!

Re: Push Lawnmower Lamp

I LOVE your lamp! I've always wanted one of the old mowers
but didn't know what I would do with it. This would be perfect to have in my '50's style basement. Then I would
watch to come up with an idea for the handle.
Thanks for an awesome idea!

Re: I'm done with holiday decorating...

You gave me the perfect idea of how to display my vintage ornaments! I was lucky I found an old colander and I had some colorful beads that made the arrangement complete.
Got lots of compliments on my arrangement...thanks to YOU.

I also have a collection of clocks. You have yours displayed nicely so I may get another idea from you. Keep up your great work and Happy New Year.

Re: Glass Flower

I LOVE this...have never thought of finding a lamp base
to use. I'm always looking for ways to use my old glass
door knobs. It is so pretty and yet could be so useful.
Thanks and keep up your great work!

Re: Fun Little Organization Project

The faucet handles caught my eye. A perfect way of
organizing things and yet looks so cute. Good work!

Re: Fun Little Organization Project

The faucet handles caught my eye. A perfect way of
organizing things and yet looks so cute. Good work!


What character! I like the simplicity of it.
This would be great on my huge deck. Then I could
make a side table using one of my old COKE crates.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: Winter Centerpiece

I love your elegant winter display. Makes me think of
a Christmas display that could stay out all winter.
I love the old door knobs...have some just like them PLUS
a couple of glass ones. Thanks for your great idea and for
sharing it.

Re: It's "time" for spring...and cloches!

Anthing would look nice under the cloche with the rusty
lamp base! However, I do like the wine corks under it
which I would have never thought of. Thanks for sharing!
Good Luck with "junk" this New Year.

Re: I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas....

The PINK caught my eye and that was only the beginning after looking at your pictures! I love the idea of keeping the tree up all year...just displaying beautiful vintage jewelry, etc. Then adding the antique silver pieces and extra pink for Christmas is beautiful. You've given me a couple of ideas for decorating my home...accents being pink.
Thank You for sharing and I'll continue to watch for your beautiful artwork. Merry Christmas.

Re: Loaf Pan Candle

This turned out very nice. I bet it smells as good as it
looks. A great way to salvage old cook pans.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: How to Create Sterling Silver Ornaments on the Cheap

These are so simple but so elegant with the crystals.
This is another great project for me to work towards
the next holidays. Oh what fun I have looking after
seeing your beautiful art work. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Knock Knock Who's There...Santa

I love it and how appropriate. I have several glass,
metal, and porcelain knobs from my first little house.
This would be an awesome way to use them.
Thanks for sharing.


This project turned out beautiful. I love old silver.
With white trees, black bases, and the simplicity of it
you have a rather elegant decoration. Looks like it was
made for me! Thank You and Thanks for sharing.

Re: kitchen windchime

I love old silverware and crystals. It's neat as is or a
light would give you "sparkling" crystals. Great job!

Re: My first posted project - cookie cutter tree

The tree is absolute adorable. The cookie cutters are
cute and the colander makes is perfect.
If your first entry is this interesting, I'll sure be
watching for more. Keep up the great work!

Re: Tis the Season!

Looks like you have fun collecting like many others of us.
Nicely arranged.
I LOVE THE CABINET!!!!! I've been looking for a year now
for something similar. I want to paint it an antique red
and then display my Coca Cola antique collectables.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: June Floral of the Month

What a way to display flowers! I love the vintage Coke bottles so this would be perfect for a barbeque, etc.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 2

You win an award as I LOVE all of these projects.
I was looking up soda crates when I ran across your items.
A neat idea for spices.
I LOVE the glass door knobs used for curtain hangers
and a curtain tie back. I like having both the knobs and
I do wish you had a picture of the china cabinet for I
have no doubt it would be beautiful.
Thank You for sharing your talents.

Re: Sugar and Spice....Make a Nice Christmas Tree

Oh goodness, there are more. They are all so cute.

You need to give me an idea for a "wine" ornament tree and

Re: And yes, there are more....

They are all really cute. I love the Coffee Pot based one
as I collect old coffee pots. Thanks for sharing.

Re: "BR549, please"

I love the old rotary phones. I bought one that worked off of ebay and enjoyed it so much. A friend came one day and saw it. The next time she visited me she had a gift for me...the replica from Pottery Barn. So, I'm lucky to have
the original and then a modern up to date also. I love that it is sitting on top of a doiley.

Re: In the HOT seat...

I can't imagine letting go of this chair. I love the
"necktie" cushion and the wood looks so nice after
painting. Enjoy it.

Re: Funky Sweater Purse

The purse is cute! I like the simplicity of it plus
the fact you could have a couple to match special
fun outfits. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Bottle Tree

I love your tree! The only tree I had seen was made of
plastic bottles and required lots more work.
I'm going to make a smaller size of this one this week-end with my old COKE bottles. Will look perfect in my Coca Cola family room. Thank you so much!

Re: Hope Inside...

I LOVE THIS ORNAMENT! I love old buttons, keys, and sheet music! A beautiful ornament with all three takes talent.
I really like the sheet music wings.
This is what gifts should be about...something from the heart. I'm jealous of whomever receives them. Keep up your great work!

Re: Great Crates

Simple but colorful and useful. I have some Coca Cola
crates that I might try doing this. Thanks for a great

Re: Tomato cage altered Christmas tree

This is beautiful! It also have given me an idea that I've
been trying to come up with. I wanted something simple to display ornaments from my tree in the '50's.
Thank You and keep up your wonderful work!

Re: Welcome Screen Door

I want that door also!!! I've wanted an old screen door to hang vintage ornaments. This would be perfect with the color. I live the mirror on it also. Keep up your good work.