Larry Moad, Los Angeles, CA, US

I think Ive always had a creative edge.....

My work has always been in the design field, starting in retail /menswear, to residential interior design. Ive freelanced specialty stores, a garden store, managed a 6,000 sf wedding house, and play the piano/ keyboard.

My love for the automobile and the era of the 50 s and 60s started on my grandpas lap when I was very small in Spokane, WA where I was born. Design during that time was more distinctive. You could tell the difference between a Dodge and a Studebaker from a block away. Oh the chrome and fins!!

Unfortunately a lot of that has gone away.

This is my way of finding something unique for those seeking something other than what LampsPlus, Target, Lowes, Ikea or Bed Bath and Beyond offer.

So what else?

In 2005, an idea came to mind while between flights. That idea is now in patent pending status and becoming a reality. It will be a great help to those with carry on luggage that find the handles too short (I stand 62), as well as those with carpel tunnel, arthritis, or muscle fatigue.

After this is manufactured and distribution has begun, I have 6 other ideas in my head (as of this writing). One may save the life of a child or came to me one night while watching Desperate Housewives.

You can find inspiration everywhere.

I just started paying attention to the things I was tired of putting up with. Throwing perfectly good Junque away was one of them.

Larry Moad

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"Fireside Chat" CoffeeTime Lamps

Been a while since I was here to visit, but I havent stopped creating!!

"Sweet Spot"- CoffeeTime Lamps

I found this little golf bag lamp in two tone brown and had a dented base (is that a divot?) and that yellow brass base that didn't look very good- so (just like the...

"Coffee Doodle Do"- CoffeeTime Lamp

This was one of my first lamps with the cup and saucer theme...after I got past the point that it was OK to show the handles back and forth instead of all on one side. Sometimes, being a little AR...

"Eye-Full Tower" Lamp- CoffeeTime Lamps

So the biggest part of building this (besides the permit....and you KNOW how those french people are!!) ....anyway, the biggest part was finding the PATIENCE to wait for the shade to appear. I found...

"Second Cup is on the House" -CoffeeTime Lamp

Everybody loves a free second cup!!  This one is made of multi colored cups and saucers ( note the different cup handle silhouettes) with an old Maxwell House 1 lb tin as the...

'Coffee With Dick and Jane" CoffeeTime Lamp

This one was a custom piece for my friend Audrey's mother.  When I asked her to tell me about her, she said that she had been in child care for over 10 years, and also very...

"Coffee And My Secret Ingredient" -CoffeeTime Lamp

This lamp is built on an inverted peanut-shaped plate as the base, with a mismatched cup and saucer in the front (perfect for spare keys, change or loose diamonds).  There are two cookbooks, a...

Watch the Birdie...."6th Hole" Golfbag Lamp

I found this little golf bag lamp in two tone brown and had a cheap, rust spotted brass base that didn't look very good- so I covered it with astro turf. and then added...

"One Cup, with Cream and Sugar" CoffeeTime Lamp

This little lamp title says it all-!! In a box of melmac, I had these extra I flipped over one cup as the base, added the saucer, then mixed up the cream n sugar colors.  The stove...

"One Legged Flamingo" Mini Lamp

So I found this lonely little lamp base in a second hand store...uses a nite light bulb.  It was metal, black and boring....and no shade. I took it home and started digging- found the flamingo...

"Early Bird" CoffeeTime Lamp for a yard sale affectionado

This was custom made for a yard sale and coffee fanatic (Happy Birthday, Jolene)! Her hubby, Matt, asked me if I could do one just for her.  I asked a few questions- what does she like...

"Mambo Console" Bongo Drum Style Console Lamps

I found these two wire frames with serious tacky beaded edges at a yard sale for $3- was damaged, I was gonna only buy one, but the person selling told me he wanted to get rid of them both...

"Coffee With Jackie"- a Tribute to Jackie Kennedy

The stack of mismatched cups (note the different silouette in the handle shapes)

Country Pump Lamp

A  funky old found cast iron water pump is the base for this lamp. It's wired with a dimmer socket at the top, then the 3-panel shade edged in a rope colored trim is mounted on a...

"Poppy Coffee"- Wizard of Oz theme

This lamp is for all of the Wizard of Oz fans.

"Box O Flamingos"- (no birds were injured in the making of this lamp)

I bought this frame from "Out of the Closet"- a non profit thrit store that raises money for people affected with HIV and AIDS- I think I paid $6 for it.  It was 'Boring Beige' when found, with...

Coffee With The Lovely Ladies-Raffle fundraiser donation for Cancer Clinics in Antelope Valley, CA

This is a lamp I made and donated  for a fundraiser for the Cancer Clinics in Antelope Valley November 20th, 2009 at the golfcourse in Palmdale, CA.  It's a tribute to all those affected by...

Recent comments

Re: A Shabby Chandelier Makeover

Nice job on this one! Welcome to the website! I know the feeling of 'coming home' when you find that there are others just as inspired by the unseen, and maybe just a little twisted. There is always safety in numbers!

Keep it loose...and keep going!!


Re: "Coffee And My Secret Ingredient" -CoffeeTime Lamp

@ Annie aka Pofolksdecorator1..... I try to use a donor lamp base....a small lamp from the second hand store or a yard sale. If you want you could use threaded pipe from the harware store, big washers(s) and a nut on the bottom, then the socket on the top.

Re: 'Coffee With Dick and Jane" CoffeeTime Lamp

@ Annie aka Pofolksdecorator1..... I try to use a donor lamp base....a small lamp from the second hand store or a yard sale. If you want you could use threaded pipe from the harware store, big washers(s) and a nut on the bottom, then the socket on the top.

Re: 'Coffee With Dick and Jane" CoffeeTime Lamp

@ Annie aka Pofolksdecorator1..... I try to use a donor lamp base....a small lamp from the second hand store or a yard sale. If you want you could use threaded pipe from the harware store, big washers(s) and a nut on the bottom, then the socket on the top.

Re: "Coffee With Jackie"- a Tribute to Jackie Kennedy

@pofolks-- the wiring goes thru the books and the percolator to the bulb at the top (thru a donor lamp frame with the base covered by a small melmac bowl). There is no wiring in the cups and saucers--they're dirlled and bolted to the books separately.

Glad you like it!


Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

This sounds like a BLAST! please count me in!

Let the games BEGIN!! (well after the 9th).


Re: Converted Chandelier

Wow that BEFORE shot looks like something from the Red Lion Hotel lobby!! Love what you've done with it....and the shape of the stand frames it so nicely-- and its portable!! Great job!


Re: Throwback to my Youth - Take a little trip with me

How cool are these? I thought my go cart with the laundry basket nose front was cool- we would tie a rope to it and drag it behind the Schwinn....but these are all self propelled! What a great photo, great smiles, great memories for sure. How lucky you are that your dad took the time to rock out your wheels! Nothing 'PLANE' about these baybees!!!

Thanks for sharing!


Re: Yes, It Spins Too!

It looks like the pieces were made for each other-!!What a great table! Would be fun to see a whole set of these in a motorcycle shop waiting!! Great Job!


Re: Stop the Draft!

I think this is great Jim! It looks so comfortable in front of that brick fireplace! Your ability to immerse the entire project in green is fantastic- now if we could just get the factories to do the same!

Your photos are awesome, but I'd like to see some more in the total room setting- I keep finding myself trying to look beyond the edge of the pic for what else is there!


Re: Vintage Look Candle Hurricane Shades

I think these are terrific! Could be a lot of fun with copies from fronts of old sheet music too! Maybe weddings get photos of the wedding party when they were very young copied to the velum....what a hoot! Really great idea! Welcome to your nationwide support group!


Re: 'Coffee With Dick and Jane" CoffeeTime Lamp

Hey Annie- The cups that I use are plastic melmac or melamine out of the 50's/ 60's. I just use a drill press to drill the hole. If you need to drill china, the trick is PATIENCE DO OVER> I think probably the best way is to get the cups and saucers to a waterjet cutter nad have them cut them for you. Often times they will have a minimum charge, but it youre building more than one lamp, it won't hurt so much. Yes- the books are glued and drilled...then sitting on the base of the donor lamp.....sometimes I'll cammoflauge(?) it with an inverted plate.

No real plan....just make it up as I go along. Good luck!


Re: "Coffee Doodle Do"- CoffeeTime Lamp

Hey Annie- The cups that I use are plastic melmac or melamine out of the 50's/ 60's. I just use a drill press to drill the hole. If you need to drill china, the trick is PATIENCE DO OVER> I think probably the best way is to get the cups and saucers to a waterjet cutter nad have them cut them for you. Often times they will have a minimum charge, but it youre building more than one lamp, it won't hurt so much.

Good luck!!

Re: Would Thomas Edison be Proud?

Marybeth THIS is AWESOME! The whole lamp tells such a humble and powerful story- you KNOW I am diggin this one!! I also build personality driven lamps and appreciate this one for sure. The nozzle is perfect, the book titles are perfect (even if you had to write one before you made the base!) the extras....yes yes yes. And I understand the expletives along the way, but the thing to remember is you learned a LOT on the first one, and the second will be even better!

Check out the lamps I've posted- in particular, the one titled "Coffee with the Lovely Ladies." I made and donated it for a cancer clinic fundraiser.

We are on the same page, sistah!!


Re: Have Suitcases; Will Travel

This is an AMAZING ASSEMBLAGE of cases!! Good thing you didn't take a liking to collection pianos or old war planes~!!

These look so great...really nice and a much stronger way to store things without the boxes collapsing. Nice job!


Re: What's Under That Glass Dome?

Wow what a step back in time, Jenny!! These pieces are really beautiful sculptures that were taken to the next level with the mold bases and the domes- really classy and upscale. Maybe this is the way the trophy should REALLY be-- it may have inspired the recipient to work toward a higher goal. And the cog with the winged goddess- PERFECTO!!


Re: Some more clock projects

Beautiful Job!!Thes look great!


Re: Art Fun With Vintage Linoleum Cutters

Love these old tools! They remind me of the edger my grandmother would use when she baked the coal and wood fed oven! The photo of them in front of the wood panel makes them appear to float like ghosts...sch a cool idea!

Re: Photo "Opp"...

Congrats Laurel!! I've enjoyed perusing your contributions to the site and it seems like this is a just reward for you! Love the type tray photo classy and comfortable!!

I bet if the rest of your gest room looks like this, it's hard to get them to go home!!!


Re: "Coffee Doodle Do"- CoffeeTime Lamp

Being a little AR never hurt anything! Luckily that behavior doesn't command my entire life.....I have a mess in the room where I do most of the work, the garage is packed to the gills, and the list goes on.

This is where the therapy of JMS comes I think its just when I get started on the build of the lamps, I can really get into the mechanics of the hole placement for best shot of the book titles, the color mix and neighboring colors of cups and saucers, the fabrics used...and if they have an image- select the spots that hold the best 'snapshot' in the fabric so I don't lose it in the seam. The line switches add to the expense, but you don't have to fuss with the lamp to turn it on and off. It just sits there smiling at you, waiting for a grin back!

Re: Top "10" for 2010...Ten Very Good Reasons to Buy Junk

Well I'm in Los Angeles County...not many farms here so junkin is a different type of past time.....of course, you can always pull over on the freeway and pick up old bullet casings LOL!!!

I love your site, really enjoying the inspirations of other Junquers, and the pics you offer here are killer! Best to you and all of JMS this year!!!

Happy Gnu Ear!!!

Re: "Second Cup is on the House" -CoffeeTime Lamp

wait....I thought "MMMMMMM GOOD!!" was with Cambells soup!?! Did they merge? Do they make coffee flavored tomato soup now? Or maybe its Chicken-noodle flavored coffee--?? I'm so confused!!! hehehe


Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

Re-purpose.....gee I thought I was already doing that with the fruitcakes and chardonnay! Original purpose/ gift for me, new purpose/ gift for someone else!

Really great finds here Jim- love the vintage textured bulbs for hooks and the nutcracker candy! Sure seems like it would be easy to make new versions of these for those of us that like the simpler times!

Re: First project of the New Year!!

Love the re use of the piano front! And the lettering looks like it was there all along...very nice!

We seldom do the 'leaning thing' on mantels, sideboards or tables here..but I love the look..when mother earth decides to shake a little dust off, you never know what she'll throw!! Good job!!

Re: CafeTable ala Vintage Galvanized Door

This is GREAT! Beautiful patina on the top... the best part of these kinds of projects is that if we spill something or dent 'em at all...those are character markings and add $$ every time right?!?!! Good stuff for sure!!

Re: From Church Chair to Bedside Table

Love this table! I think those chairs are built to be uncomfortable on PURPOSE to keep church services from going too long! This is really great....I like that the bottom is open....lets your eye pass thru to the wall behind, instead of stopping it with a set of doors or drawers.

Now all you need is a couple of sanctuary candles and it'll be time to pass the plate!!

Re: "Coffee And My Secret Ingredient" -CoffeeTime Lamp

The fabric and book search is definitely an essential part of each piece! Sometimes I get just about there....then there is a 'wait for it....' sign disguised as missing one book, or a frame thats too short, or a shade thats too tall and doesn't meet the scale requirements for me.

So patience is essential....but I WANT IT NOW!!!! Thanks for your encouragement!

Re: part of my mad scientist lab where it all comes together, talk about junk! THIS is a WORK SHOP!!!! Mad Scientist, indeed!! Great inspires me to get my 'dedicated area' for the lamps finished....right now, it happens between the guest room and office for storage...and the dining room table for assembly!!

Really great man....keep up the good work and let us know when the addition plans are complete!


Great foundation for a great idea to come! You could build a 'tree'out of pipe....start with a piece of dowling in the center...slip pieces of pipe and T's on it. Then, stick a striaght piece of pipeout of the T with an L at the end, facing up. As you get closer to the top, make the horizontal pipes shorter like a christmas tree.

Add Votives on the ends, Junk tree with real candle light! Depending on how big you make it, it could be a centerpiece on a table or larger on a night stand. What a great find!!


Re: Let the music move you!

WOW!! This is GREAT!! Love how the pics look like pistons in an engine!! Can't wait to see what you do with the rest!!

Re: "Early Bird" CoffeeTime Lamp for a yard sale affectionado

So glad you guys like the lamps!! I have a couple of chandeliers I need to shoot....if you like these, wait till you see THEM!!! Talk about flying (cups and) saucers!

They're outta this world!! AAAAKKKKK!!!! Do the puns ever stop?!?! I hope not! :-)


Re: Country Pump Lamp

@Diva: Youre is was a LOUD shirt....and I couldn't find the volume knob to turn it down!! I bought it cause it had the coffee grinder in the artwork and thought at some point it might be a fun gimicky way to play up the lamps at a sale....but I never worked up the nerve to wear it! So I just stuck in in the tub with the fabrics and kept moving it around until the pump base came along....seemed like a good fit and looks much better on that piece of iron than it did on me!!

Re: "Coffee With Jackie"- a Tribute to Jackie Kennedy

Thanks GailMarie! I think this year being a perfect '10' I will venture out to the galleries and see what I can drum up. I've never really thought of my stuff as something that would work in a gallery....when I think of gallery, I think of stuff more upscale and sophisticated, not my goofy lamps. I know it creates a mood, stimulates conversation and makes people I guess that really is right in line with the purpose of a gallery.

That's where the therapy of JMS comes in....helps us build the confidence to take that first step to meet face to face with a gallery owner and just put it out there.

Re: last score 09

The cool think about this oven set is that it doesnt need a light bulb like the Kenner Easy Bake!! Looks to me like that chef-to-be has great taste in pans and tools already!

Really, what a GREAT find!

Re: living room chandelier made from junk

Love the sled in the air pot holder! What a gret idea for a cabin in the woods!!!

Re: "The Key to Your Universe is That You Can Choose"

I think your stuff is BRILLIANT. Really....the quotes....and the thoughts behind them....great use of found stuff...and a wonderful sense of humor.

Thanks for sharing!


Re: Junkes: A Sisterhood of Traveling Junk @ The Funky Junk Sisters Show!

This booth Kicks BUTT!! Love the name, the painted case with your logo...your sense of design in building the presentation....and the doors?!?!?! Who knew?? Now I gotta keep an eye out for a set on the side of the road!!

I'm new to this site, but not new to Junque-ing....once that stuff gets in your blood, you might as well surrender!! Great job!!

Re: Trailer Trash Ball

Hey there! I just joined JMS....and I have a trailer that will fit right in!! It's a 1959 SantaFe 13" camp trailer...very cute! Red and white on the outside with a black accent and white scalloped awning...mickey mouse moons..and flamingo beach interior trim on birch!

How do I get on the list for your next event? I live in Reseda/ SFV/ LA I can't be far from you and your event next year. Also where is your shop? Maybe its time for a field trip!!

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Thanks, and Happy New Year!!


Re: "Mambo Console" Bongo Drum Style Console Lamps

Hukt on fonix werx fur me!! LOL!!!

In 'RETRO-spect' (sorry, couldn't pass that one up), I'm glad I picked em both up too. For someone that has one of those console in a danish style, or side tables flanking a 'Rob Petri' style sofa in a rumpus room, I think they'd be a HOOT!!

Re: "Coffee With Jackie"- a Tribute to Jackie Kennedy

I search high and low for books....always at second hand stores, thrift shops and yard sales. I look for titles that are odd....or funny....or might have a double meaning. I have sort of a running list (in my mind only) of the types of books in the shelves at home, and then put them together by a theme or story as I bring them home.

At this point, I've sold most of them by word of mouth. My website ( is now up online and about two months old. I have done a few flea markets, had a couple of them in a coffee shop in Hermosa Beach (near Venice Beach in Southern California). The flea markets get interest, but most people are looking for a great $200 find for $12--so they move on. Being in LA, there are a lot of shop owners, designers and people in the movie industry that look for interesting things for their own projects. I keep cards in my wallet and a little 'brag book' of the lamps with me when I go out...if I find someone or someplace that looks like it could be a good match, I talk em up!!

The magic in breathing new life into this old discarded stuff happens is really a re-birth for those items. Something that may have come off an assembly line in the is a one of a kind, personalized special piece that creates a mood or starts a conversation. I'm glad you enjoy my work! Thanks for your notes!!!

Re: Country Pump Lamp

@ GailMarie: This was one of the first lamps I made that was outside of the COFFEE theme....I found this pump at a flea market and it was already wired!! When I found the shade for it and mounted it into place, it was too far away from the body of the lamp....they didn't read together at all. So, I ripped it all apart, broke out the hacksaw and knocked a couple inches off. I thought it was pretty cool when I first found it-- then I saw the price... $5!!!! That woman was tired of lugging it around!!

Re: Junk on the Horizon

The thing I like most about junking or 'junque-ing' is when it gets personal like this! You have an eye, and you took off with it....but to take your personal view of this junque and make it personal for your dad is a double get extra points on this one! Great landing!!!

Re: You're So Transparent!

This looks great! It would be fun to make about a dozen of these and install them into a folding screen made of 2"x 2" could separate a dining area from a living room with a see thru screen....or maybe make a fireplace screen...or a short divider that could sit on a sofa table. I like that it can create a sense of privacy, stopping the eye in some spots, but letting you see thru in others. Great idea!

Re: "Poppy Coffee"- Wizard of Oz theme


Yes, these are made with melmac, or melamine, or's plastic everyday dinnerware from the 50's and 60's. I drill the cups, plates, saucers and books on a drill press....S L O W L Y.....sometimes, I might lose one and blow out a bigger hole than I need in the center (mostly because the plastic is brittle and can snap easy). But when that happens, I throw it back in to my 'recycled stuff that needs to be recycled again' box and will use it on a different project. Sometimes, that cup with the blown out base is buried inside of another stack of cups. You don't know it when you see the finished product, but I know its there.

Drilling the books is always a job-- the smell of heated paper from the drill bit is like a campfire, and the smoke will rise from the bit. I never do a drawing of the lamps ahead of time- I just visualize it in my head first, then do a dry mockup (stack the books and cups) to make sure it will fit with the donor lamp base, then get drilling.

I have enough fabric to make another with this theme, but need to locate a couple of appropriately titled books to finish.

"....All in due time, my pretty....all in due time...."

Re: Coffee With The Lovely Ladies-Raffle fundraiser donation for Cancer Clinics in Antelope Valley, CA

My first lamps were pretty straight forward....all handles facing the same way, cup, saucer, cup, saucer. I started thinking of Alice in Wonderland and the MadHatter... the books help in developing a theme for each one. It really freaks people out when I pick up the lamp and everything picks up...the books, the percolators, the shades and stacked up cups! So fun to see the looks on their faces!!

Glad you like em!!!

Re: Quikie Nite Lite

Great idea!! Glass is such a hard thing to photgragh...I bet its great in person!