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Re: Repurposed Roller Skate Truck No. 10: Double-Axle Heavy Hauler

Wow- incredible! You can see how much work you put into it- so cool and one of a kind!! Love it!

Re: Piano Entertainment Unit

PS- Love the bar idea too- we pondered on that one too until were lucky enough to have the electronic keyboard fit! Would love to hear your ideas on what to do with all the extra parts! :)

Re: Piano Entertainment Unit

I took apart an old upright piano too, and you're right- the harp (cast iron piece) is heavier than ?!?! My plan with the harp is to have my husband build a wooden frame around it and use it as a focal piece in the garden. I haven't done anything with the felt hammers and keys yet- but envision creating some sort of art piece, maybe a funky sunburst.

The piano itself I am using as a PIANO. My genius husband figured out how to fit my electronic keyboard into the space where the original key bed was - all the cords are hidden nicely behind the baseboard of the piano--it looks fantastic!!