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(updated OCT. 2011) This year 2 of our daughters gave us 3 Grandchildren! A 'singleton' boy b. 1/2/11 from one daughter and "twins" girl and boy b. 5/27/11! WHAT A YEAR! "Grams/Cathy" is happily married for 25+ yrs to her brilliant, supportive and loving husband. We have 4 grown daughters (only one daughter still at home). I am a traditional hand-quilter (cotton batting ONLY!), prefer hand-made to store-bought and I'm constantly collecting, quilting or making toys (that don't require batteries or microchips, just an endless imagination!) for our NEW Grandchildren!
On a sad note, my beautiful Border Collie "Shep," passed away peacefully in my arms on Aug. 14th, 2011. For 11 1/2 yrs he's been faithfully 'herding' reflections, ceiling fans, shadows and lightning bugs. We all miss him a lot! And then there's "Duncan" ... our 5 and 1/2 yr old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who also misses his 'big brother,' yet continues with his unbound less energy to entertain and comfort us, while still annoying us with his countless idiosyncrasies.

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Re: Paper Craft Caddy

I was just talking about this to my husband today! (BTW, I just 'joined') I have been collecting antiques, mostly sewing room/kitchen related, forever and finally decided to do what I said I was going to do with then when they were originally purchased - put them to use! But NOT in the way they were intended to be used - don'tcha just love challenges? Finding my dish strainer today, I immediately thought of my quilting studio and using the strainer to 'file' the zillions of patterns I have stored in business size envelopes. *My quilt table is an OLD GENERAL STORE COUNTER and the top is made from 2 planks of wood 15" WIDE and the front is faced with wood 16" WIDE! I did say OLD! ;)*