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Re: This Won't Hurt a Bit!

My husband just went to a dentist's house and in the barn was a dental cabinet filled with these trays. I don't know if he is selling them with the cabinet or not. There were about 20 of them. Also all the tools were included. I'll find out if anyone is interested.

Re: Layered Tin Hearts "Gardens and Graphics"

great imagination and vision.

Re: Box and Planter Redos

I had forgotten about this idea. Thanks for reminding me.

Re: Cupboard door chalkboard

great idea!!!!!

Re: Frame collage

I love the combo of colors that you used.

Re: Help? Can anyone tell me anything about this cabinet???

NOOOOOOOOOO don't do a thing to it. It's beautiful as is.

Re: Shabby Deck Canopy

Wonderful piece. I think I'll make one to go over my bed.

Re: This is just my intro post!

Hi. love your work. I have been wanting to make a set of these little pump bottles, but have not been able to find the pumps anywhere. Mind sharing your where you get the pumps? Thanks, Cheryl

Re: Junk Redesigned Jewelry Display

You gave me a great idea to display things in my shop. Thanks

Re: Gypsy Soule Messenger bag

Really a cute bag. I love the big ones. I can get everything inside.

Re: best job interview ever

I wanted to open a vintage/recycle store. With no money, I beat the garbage pick-up every Wen. and Fri. I now have 3 stores and still trying to beat the garbage man. LOL Good picks!!!

Re: my 2nd window for sell

I simply love a girl with talent.