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Re: ALOT Of love for ya

I am struggling with directions. Menopause brain I think. Do you have step by step direction in a public folder, like Pinterest.
I love how each one is original.

Re: Hinges and Chalk board door

This is fabulous, Are using in any way functional or is a conversation piece? It sure would be in neighborhood. It looks like you have it in your yard or garden area. I would love to see a pic capturing the surroundings. I love these type projects but I am not good at staging them
Keep givivg us such original ideas!

Re: Cool old "Typewriter" desk

Maria, this caught my eye a few months back but fell into the seemingly endless things saved/bookmarked for later reading. Was thrilled to see it again today. As most who have commented, I had this exact desk. I was in a time of minimalizing and am ashamed that I sold this beautiful historical desk. I think It sold for about $150. I did not do a complete refinish Just a few touch ups. It was in good shape. I look forward to visiting your blog!
Curious, did you keep yours?