Springfield, KY, US

Stay at home mom of 2 wonderful boys...
love to tinker...into lots of projects...
love garden art

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corner shelf

once upon a time this was a door in my grandparents uncle is remodeling and replaced all the original windows and my dad and I try our had at a corner shelf...I love how...

garden seat

another piece of my yard art...a chair made of tobacco dad no longer raises it and has a barn full of these...also have a trellis made from them 

garden angels

I love yard art...and am always adding pieces..The first is a piece of salvage wood(from a barn door), cut in to angel form then added a rusty barbwire heart...The next is a grater with a...

shell shelf

first time this many great ideas!!! a piece of salvage wood (from my grandparents house; uncle had thrown it in bonfire), took it home, cleaned it up and added a few glass...

Recent comments

Re: Fall Mantle with salvage

Love the corbel
and the rusty piece

Re: Old Spindle Repurpose Project "Whimsical Feather Christmas Trees"

I love these...
such a simple project
so cute, fun and whimsical

Re: Art Axes

Beautiful work!!
Have seen saws
but never axes

Re: Freeby :-)

It's a beautiful needs painting I think...I'm in a green mood if it were mine...also like the idea of marrying it to the china hutch top...let us see what you come up with....

Re: Moving into 2nd Gear!!

I love it!
Would like to make one of my own..
will have to go hunting in my grandpa
barn for parts...

Re: Tin ceiling crown molding shelf

My favorite piece so loving all your beautiful work...

Re: Shoemaker's Garden Art

Very cute...reminds me of the fairytale..The Shoemakers Elves

Re: Tiered Server

A beautiful the pie bird, a whimsical touch..

Re: garden angels

Thanks...the other is cute too...the picture is just awful..looked okay on my end...UGH!

Re: Ol' Blue Door

I am on the look out for a beautiful door like yours...
I want to make a corner shelf..
Love the blue color..will be beautiful whateever you make

Re: "Leaf" a Note

What a beautiful frame...old frames are my greatest weakness...have tons of them and always pick up new
ones the DH asks why ?? As if I could explain...