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Re: Edgemont Tin & Film Storage Box Metal Birdhouse

That is a gorgeous steampunk-ish box! I would totally rent boxes like that for the theme party I'm thinking of doing. I really like statement pieces like this that just put a bit of a unique touch and home-doneness that you can't get anywhere else.

Re: Double Deco Duplex Repurposed Kitchen Canisters Birdhouse Storage Box

Prop some cushions on top of the storage and the bookcase will triple up as a reading corner as well.

Re: Antique Wicker Trunk Storage Chest Basket

These wicker storage boxes are the best they are lightweight, waterproof and beautiful. They are very common in local markets in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam and cheap too.

Re: shoe box, pie box, candy box

Wow, what a cute box I must say. However, do the prices of their key lime pies include the prices of those sturdy boxes as well? I am curious because those boxes look too pretty to be free of charge. They can be used afterwards at home to store little bits and pieces or as accessories to complement our furniture pieces back at home. They are perfect to match vintage concept or to add a simple country touch to the house. Nevertheless, I hope their key lime pies are as lovely as how their boxes are.

Re: Repurposed Vintage Philco AM Console Radio

I am a huge fan or repurposing projects too. It is just so incredible to see the end results of something which was previously dull and plain has turned out to be something remarkably beautiful. I still remember a jewellery box that was a simple wooden piece of compartment. However, I turned it into a stunning piece of gem that was perfect for a vintage gift. All I needed was some fresh coat of varnish, accessories like rhinestones and fabric, and some creative juices to repurpose it. There are so many other things to repurpose in the house like furniture or cutleries.