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Cooler Flower Bed

My husband helped me dig out this Coca Cola cooler, buried in a backyard ravine.  It's in pretty rough shape, but makes a pretty funky flower bed!

Milk Can Birdbath

I run across antique milk cans often, but they don't always have the lid.  I repurposed this one into a birdbath holder.  It can support the weight and adds a rustic touch to the flowerbed.

Grandmother's Jewelry Box

My grandmother always had a printers box hanging on the wall that was filled with family heirlooms.  When she passed, I took some of her leftover jewelry (and some pieces from my other...

Ladder as Frame (with a bicycle theme)

This ladder found a new use as a frame for pictures.  The photos are printed on foam board. 

Holiday Hanger w/Vintage Postcard

I like to buy and re-purpose old postcards.

Swing Shelf

This shelf was made from an old wooden swing and hangs in the kitchen.  Found something to do with leftover wooden spindles too!

Frames in a Frame

This dresser mantle frame (missing the mirror) was a great garage sale find at $5.00.  Originally I had intended to put a piece of stained glass in it, but found a better use as a frame for...

Stair Step Table

The project was inspired by an issue of "This Old House" magazine.  I had this project idea on my bulletin board for a long time before running across part of a stairwell during our local...

Wine Bottle Mosaic - Slumped Wine Bottle & Glass

When a friend of mine was replacing the windows in her 80 year-old home, she asked me if I wanted the old windows. I gladly accepted and used one as a frame for this mosaic piece. An actual wine...

Lucky Watch Pendant

This is a collaged watch housing with vintage sheet music/newspaper and filled with resin.

Gratitude Necklace - Vintage Watch w/a Little Bling...

This necklace is one of my favorite pieces!  The watch is a wind-up that still works and has a moving second hand.  It was included in a bag of watch "parts".  Even...

Crazy Watch Pendant

A crazy watch pendant for my friend Stephanie's birthday.  For this piece, I used a watch face in the background and cut her name out of an old newspaper for the "numbers".  Once...

License Plate Bulletin Board

I've seen these before and wanted to give it a try.  The frame is made from re-purposed barn wood.  Measures about 32"x 32". 

Suitcase Wall

Saw this idea for making "suitcase shelves" on the front of FleaMarket Style magazine.   The two license plates are the birth years for my husband and I and came from his grandfathers...

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Re: Holiday Hanger w/Vintage Postcard

Sue~ thank you so much for all the great feedback! I really appreciate it. I'm grateful for a forum to share my "projects" and be inspired by others.

Re: Bottle tree

I really like this project! You've inspired me to try one of my own.

Re: westbergs wacky world of whimsical welding.

Too cool~ what a great back yard you must have!

Re: Brothers Christmas Present

What a great project!

Re: Suitcase Wall

Thanks for the kind words! Should you want to give it a try: We measured 4 inches deep on these and used a 2x4 as the wood brace on the inside (right where the top/bottom meet). The hooks hang from the wood and aren't visible.