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Ive been in the Antiques & Collectibles business for over 20 years and have always been drawn to trash as well as treasure. I am an artist, a part time organic gardner, a tree hugging, dirt loving liberal (LOL) and I am blessed to be married to an amazingly talented, kind and loving spirit. We are proud parents of 2 wonderful dogs - a Basset named Shirley and an English Bull Terrier named Cosimo!.

It has only been in the last year that I have begun taking orphan junk and giving it a new look or life. We are living in a time of great change - when thoughtfulness, intention and action is required of each of us. I am a great believer in reusing, recycling and re-gifting treasures we or someone else no longer needs, wants or uses - by taking something that everyone else sees as junk or trash and re-creating it for another purpose. It is an easy, fun, creative and responsible way to honor your personal artistry and spirit.

It is also most important to encourage and support the creative gifts and talents of not only ourselves but those around us as well - to make these gifts and ideas available to others. It can be a recycled item that has been magically transformed into something new and different; as simple and personal as a piece of handcrafted jewelry, as utilitarian as a handmade or recreated functional piece of furniture or a re-crafted container to store precious items or curiosities, as charming as a one-of-a-kind lamp to light a cozy corner of a room or brighten a dinning room table. We are limited only by failing to trust our imagination, faltering on our firmness of purpose and suppressing our passion for things we love.

We can renew our economy, our community, our family and yes, even our world through thoughtful use and reuse of what we already have.


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Re: Jack O' Lanterns made from metal paint cans

Halloween is my favorite holiday and your Jack-0-Lantern paint cans are really wonderful. Thanks for sharing them and I hope you don't mind if I borrow the idea! :-)

Re: DIY Soap Dish

What a great idea!


Thank you. I have recently acquired a larger dish and will do more of a step-by-step when putting it together.