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Gorgeous Finial from JUNK

Gorgeous finial all from junk!!

Faking Blue Ball Jars

Come see how I made my own blue Ball jars with some food color and random jars.  Plus how I displayed them in a coke...

Mirrored Plates

I added round mirrors to the center of these goodwill plates for a great display!

Apothecary DIY

Glueing these two pieces together yeilds a WONDERFUL apothecary jar!  And the two pieces were $1 a piece at the local thrift store!

Sheet Music Wreath

I just took rolled up "cones" of sheet music and attached them to a wire clothes hanger shaped as a circle.  Welcome sign came off of an old decoration I have had for years.  Full tutorial...

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Re: How to Make a Gear Mold Clock

Thanks for the pics!! I love this!!

Re: A Simple Monday Floral Arrangement

Very pretty!! Thanks for the idea!!

Re: What's Under That Glass Dome?

Ooooo... I am currently on a cloche hunt! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Re: Art Fun With Vintage Linoleum Cutters

I love this! Old tools are the best!!

Re: Junkin' is the "SPICE" of life!

I love this!! I am totally in love with old spice containers. I have them all in my glass front cabinets. I will need more for this project. But oh this gives me an excuse to get some more!!


WOW! Great idea! Thanks for posting!

Re: I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas....

I just love your little pink tree! Thanks for much for sharing!