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Hi....I am a seamstress in Durango Co. I own my business and work out of home for several stores. In my spare time I collect and remake quilts/linens/doilys/old buttons ect. into crafts that my husband and I take to several shows during the year. So glad to have a site of kindred spirits as I have been an avid thrift/antique/fleamarket hunter all my life! Great creative ideas to share..hope to post a few of my own an keep the energy rollin.. thanks for the opportunities vicki

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Flower Power Garden Stakes

Recycled silverware garden stake art


Garden angels


People art using recycled pots and pans.

Doily Plant Pots

doily basket plant pot


Grate Wreath and License plate planter

Spoon Flower Closeups AND Spoon Angels

Silverware garden flower..silverware angels

Bird Bath Feeder

Bird feeder

Stocking Stretcher Hanger

Hangers using vintage sock strechers.

Recent comments

Re: Rusty Old Wheelbarrow Planter

Yes, I loved my old one till the bottom rusted an fell out.I had not punched the drain holes and the first big rain floated the plants right out! Needless to say my new old one has holes AND a good spray of rustolium paint before planting. ENJOY Vicki

Re: Sing your song for windows restored

Really like this idea for windows and would like to make one for my porch!!!! Do you sell the graphics as stencils or rub ons to do this?

Re: Found Dentist chair in my BASEMENT under the stairs!!!!!!!!!!

WOW, this could just BUY your new house!!!!!!!!!!

Re: New Purpose for Garage Sale Find

What a simply wonderful combination..if you dont have a most perfect place for this I DO!!!! Vicki

Re: Caged Wild Birds (not really)

I would say this is reverse therapy at its best! Would keep out the pesky magpies too! Thanks for posting ..Vicki

Re: Shutter Planter

Love this idea for garden art! A very good balance of simple find stuff. Will look at my freezer baskets as another road to creation than food. Can we market this as better than a diet pill? HA! Vicki

Re: Trash Bin

Ok...planter for sunflowers on top and herbs or flowers in the an cat food storage/feeder...wood stove kindlin or family hopechest keepsakes...a funky birdhouse outhouse w/moon, paint stir stick frame door/license plate roof and drawer front for a pull out feeder..Wood is GOOD..Our grandparents would have made it into a tator box, but will look to find out what you created in todays world... Have fun to consider options.. Vicki

Re: Rag rug

Great use for fabric scraps! I did this once with braiding jean scraps, loved it but killed my washing machine with too much weight..What a LOT of work it was to sew together! This is rag ruggin that my grandparents used to do. So do love to see traditions of the past kept alive an appreciated! Vicki

Re: Happy Mother's Day

Would you consider adoption ? Put me in your will,such GOOD taste for a gift!!!(just kidding) Vicki

Re: My first potting bench

What a nice piece! I am also working on my first potting bench an hadn't thought about the rake as a shelf but only as for hanging, great concept..can't find doors here, even old windows go for a lot, my piece seems to be going together with an old shutter and picket fence shelf..combinations are fun...keep colecting an ya never know what cool things will evolve..thanks for posting..vicki

Re: Who needs a scarecrow when you've got a Gardening Angel?

OH HOW WONDERFUL! I make a lot of angels also..It's a GOOD THING! VICKI

Re: Fish Box Cat Bed

Anything..for my kitty cat...hope yours is under 30 pounds..mine is gettin there.. great idea for a cool find. Vicki

Re: Topsy Turvey Planters on the Cheap!

Such a great idea..I am trying it it in my greenhouse an sent it to my friend to use in her limited planting space. I hear those expensive ones advertised on TV fall apart real quick....THANKS for postin this! Vicki

Re: I LOVE My Junk Swap Partner!!!

How do you get a junk swap partner? This could be a fun thing. THANKS Vicki

Re: Maxine :)

This was an AMAZING project to put together! Congrats! Must have taken a lot of energy and vision to get her so well done...speaks to my gardening well as your son melds(welds)into your life for needed GOOD is THAT? ENJOY it ALL! Vicki

Re: Sue, Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today!

Great job on the show Sue! Hope you turned on tons of people to the art and get your own show. That, I would get up early for...maybe a note...NOT wear false fingernails while glueing dominoes. HA! Vicki

Re: Picket Fence Planter

Way better to look at than working! HA I can see a beautiful flowering vine in the future...Nice piece! Vicki

Re: For the birds...

This is JUST tooooo cute! Your visual balance and color is perfect! vicki

Re: Junk Mail from Candy!

I didnt have your wonderful holder,but did have to make some of these button flowers.I had HOURS of fun!(till I ran out of wire) Thought I had toooo many buttons, now dont have enough.

Re: Beater Tulips!!

Yea! You did it, nice job! Are you now officially addicted to collecting silverware?

Re: Flower Power Garden Stakes

Will post a close up how to in a couple days.Thanks ALL for the rave reviews! Good to hear since I've made over 100 and my shows don't start till July. Show fees keep going up as well as motel/food expenses, but we always have a great time.(Time for a little out of town junkin as well!)

Re: "Tools"

This is a greater piece of work than most museum art I've seen! Its very harpish/flows an a bit southwest Kocopelli. A much better use for tools than lookin at a flat tire! Love this!

Re: How to Hang a Portrait with Junk

You are sooooo into combinations yea! I'm still thinkin big/small..This did give me a use for some victorian dresser pull knobs to use for ribbon tie up pics..a broading of perspective is GOOD! thanks

Re: S T R A N G E CARGO...... the saga continues.

Being a lifelong seamstress I love the sewing machine table...way cool! My old Singer treddle has been a TV stand for years. Hard to find them aroud here!