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It all started in my Grandpas Ford pick-up truck when I was a kid drving around looking for scrap metal or something to salvage behind some large companies and old factories. He could make something out of anything. For some reason it stuck. Fast forward 25 years and I have the eye he had for seeing something different when looking at an old window or door at the curb.

My creations are remade here locally in Indiana out of unwanted or discarded materials from back alleys, curbs, and garage sales. They are one-of-a-kind pieces with many stories. My creations are for sale in local antique stores.

Recycle. Reduce. Re-use. Feel Good.

All of my creations are for sale. Give me a shout!


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2 windows, old crutches, old table top, and an old 2x4.

Garden Work Bench

This is made from two doors and some old trim all found at the curb.

Recyled Ladder into Chair

This is made from a broken ladder I found at a garage sales for free.

Kitchen Chalk Board

This is a window I found at the curb. I collected the vintage kitchen utensils over time at local thrift stores.

Sewing Stand Table

The stand is from my Grandmother's old sewing machine. The top is a butcher block I found at the curb.

Window Table

Found these windows at the curb.

Evel Knievel water ski hat rack

Found this at a Goodwill and just had to do something with it!

Door Park Bench

Another curb find door turned into a bench.

Door Bench

This is a standard old white painted panel door out on the curb. A few cuts and some nails turns it into a nice bench with NO waste at all. 

Just LOVE old house fixtures.

Just LOVE old house fixtures.

Door Bed

This is my son's bed I made from 3 old doors.

Ski hat rack

This is made from an old pair of Sears water skis that still had a great look. My son hangs his hats on it now.

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Re: Window Table

Thanks Jim!

Re: Recyled Ladder into Chair

Thanks for the comments. I am searching for a matching ladder to make a set.

Re: 67 VW Bus End Table

Great stuff Paul!

Re: Industrial in the Kitchen!

Very cool!!!

Re: License Plate Map Process

Great job!

Re: Kitchen Chalk Board

Hope I am not breaking any posting rules... but all of my creations are all for sale. ajpenziol@gmail.com

Re: Ladder Message Center

Great job!

Re: Kitchen Chalk Board

Thanks for the comments! Great community here that understands the beauty of something at the curb. I am a fan of the

Re: This Project Is A Gas

Love the wood used in this. Did you paint it or find it this way? Great job!

Re: Window Table

No problem... I used both glue and nail to make sure it was sturdy.

Re: Fruit Box End Table

Love it!

Re: Door Bed

Thanks Jim... love the work bench table you made!

Re: Just LOVE old house fixtures.

The board was a curb find. : )

Re: A Thank you To my MIL

I managed to get a hand-me-down frame only. Still looking for that perfect wood top to mount for a nice table.

Re: Ski hat rack

Thanks! Was easy to do and only costs few bucks.