I LOVE JUNK! Maybe I'm crazy, but I like rusty bits at the bottom of old dusty jars, you know, the stuff at old grandpa yardsales that nobody in their right mind would want. And on the other side of the sale amongst the old doilies that smell of moth balls I go right for the tarnished glitter christmas ornaments and 4 inch long crinkled ribbon from the bottom of grandma's old sewing cabinet. I put it all to good use as altered jewelry, scrapbook projects, journals, works of art of various sizes, and of course home decor!

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Re: button mania

I've got a big collection of old buttons that my mom gave me. She used to collect them for years, but she got so many I think she didn't know what to do with them. I think I'll try this and send her some of her old buttons in a new light for Mother's Day this year. Thanks for the beautiful pics. Happy New Year!

Re: A Happy Hostess!

Love this idea! I've been needing a desert server for a while but nothing I've seen has really interested me, all too stuffy and pristine. I need a little more style and You've given me just the trick. Thanks for posting this awesome idea!

Re: Can Anyone Guess What This Is Made From?

How Awesome, I never would have thought to reuse an old clock that way. There goes the market for old seventies clocks, through the roof, LOL. Great job!