JUNKMARKET Style's 2009 Top "10" in Junk

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suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Here we go junk buddies! First of all I love this sign and thought it made a great lead photo for this post. A couple of the items are repeats from last year, but I just couldnt take them off my list of favs just yet. Some are furniture items, many are project staples, and a few ar just too cool for school!
Glass, glass, glass! Glass jars and bottles come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors and are an essential in a junkers bag of tricks. They can be used for a variety of jobs including vases, storage units, gift containers, candle holders, totes, and much more. If you cant find a use for the jar you can always use the lid!
Loved these soda bottle crates stacked up all neat and tidy like! The colors are fabulous and the patina perfect. You could use them to create furniture or wall paper of a new variety. Just close your eyes and let your imagination run wild!
Paper is a key ingredient in a designing junkers recipe box. After you have your paper product in place all you need to do is pull out the decoupage glue and youre good to go!
This is a repeat pick from last year and will most likely show up again next year. Architectural hardware can be used in just about any building project. Make sure you have a good selection on hand at all times.
Ooo, la, la...the softer side of Sears shows up in this years top 10. Love, love, love twine, string, yarn, and old rope. Embellish your next project with a little something from this pile of junk!
One of my furniture picks for this year is the metal chair. Indoors or outdoors these little babies are priceless.
Here are some pieces that add the too cool or school element to the top 10 list. Molds are of any kind are awesome! Thes particular molds are used for making metal letters. At twelve bucks a piece they were a bargain!
Pretty junk! Seam bindings and ribbons in beautiful colors can enhance any creation. Incorporating junkables into your entertaining tabletops is just one of the many ways you can use ribbons and bindings.
Paint brushes are another fine example of cool junk. I love the look of these hard working charmers. What would you do with these babies? Anyway you slice em theyre bound to be among your favorites too!
Ah, the old gym locker. I can see these in just about any roo. From the garage to te dining room lockers will answer any storage problems you throw at them. If Id had a semi in Texas all 25 of these would have come home with me!
With junk this good youll need to hire a junkyard dog to protect your booty!
Here we go junk buddies! First of all I love this sign and thought it made a great lead photo for this post. A couple of the items are repeats from last year, but I just couldnt take them off my list of favs just yet. Some are furniture items, many are project staples, and a few ar just too cool for school!

Here we go junk buddies! First of all I love this sign and thought it made a great lead photo for this post. A couple of the items are repeats from last year, but I just couldn't take them off my list of favs just yet. Some are furniture items, many are project staples, and a few ar just too cool for school!

Out of fields and fields of the good stuff I narrowed the pile down to 10 items that I felt were very interesting building blocks that I would want in my own personal stash of junk. These items struck my fancy and I am sure that they will help me be more creative and build better projects. What's in your stash of junk neccessities?

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CreationsandStuff writes: Love the metal chairs, the glass jars, the old hardware! Ok...think everything is fabulous.

Gosh..wish there was more of this in Montreal. They are just catching on here! Posted: 7:12 am on June 6th
junkntrunk writes: Sorry, didn't specify what "these" were..the soda bottle crates. Posted: 3:13 am on May 24th
junkntrunk writes: Sue, how much should I expect to pay for these? Over here in Aloha land these things run from $40-$60 a pop! Murder! Posted: 3:13 am on May 24th
writes: I'm still thinking about those letter molds. Really.

JennyK Posted: 1:26 pm on April 15th
1retrogal writes: I too am jealous. I've always wanted to go to Round Top, but I at least get to go to Canton every summer. I loved everything on your list, but my utmost favorite has to be the Primer word cards. I have been a Dick and Jane collector for about 27 years. I have yet to be able to score a set of the word cards. If you purchased those, I can't beg you enough not to alter them! :) That would be a crying shame. Thanks for the sneak peak!
Karen Posted: 9:10 pm on April 12th
justloveit writes:
What great pictures! Round Top must have been a FEAST!! Can't imagine acres and acres of FABULOUS JUNK! Your pictures make me want to go next year soooooo badly! Posted: 4:33 pm on April 9th
greencolleen writes: 10 is a very small number, in the junking world. i like old kitchen metal, actually any old metel from door knobs to farm stuff, lamps even just for the parts, lamp shades, glass ball jars to funky stuff,vintage purses oh i could go on and on.:)
sue esp love the chairs , question any ideas how to get those lamps of mine apart?????? tried wd40 top and botton very stubborn . Posted: 1:28 pm on April 9th
georgiamoon writes: Sue, this must have been a near impossible thing to do...JUST 10??? I saw a lot of this stuff while in Texas too and even bought some of it! What an amazing array of wonderful junk that was available to us. I wish I could have gotten more but since I was flying I had to settle for the smaller stuff...which is OK too. We had the BEST time and I encourage all of you to try to attend next year. Sue and Shelly put together an affordable and fantastic trip for us. We had a great house for us all to stay in, events almost every night, special dinner parties, and breakfast made every morning by our friend Thelma! We stayed at a beautiful ranch and it was such a comfortable way to rest between junking during the day and hoe-downs in the evening. NO ONE should miss a chance to participate in a junking journey like this one! See y'all there next time, Georgia Posted: 6:17 pm on April 8th
snowyowl writes: So Jealous I did not get to go this year. I loved the jars, seam binding and the old hardware. I put some of the fancier hardware on my CHristmas tree - really beautiful ornaments too. I bought some hardware at Canton a month ago for 2.oo each.

The gym locker really took me back to my old junior high ( the former old high school built in 1900). We used those kind of gym lockers. Wow - Posted: 5:48 pm on April 8th
suewhitney writes: Hi All,

I'm glad you are enjoying the list and let me tell you...it was one tough job (not really as easy as I earlier declared!) to narrow this list down to 10 with so much good stuff in front of my eyes that kept getting bigger as I wandered the fields. About the dog..after buying a prom dress off a rack in 50 mph winds I was trudging through the mud and a junk pile to get to the car and out of nowhere came my new best friend Mr. Dog. I suspect seeing my reaction would have alone been worth the price of going to Round Top! The field of hardware was being sold off by a husband and wife team who were retiring after being in business for 35 years. The prices and selection were AMAZING! I'm kicking myself for not allowing enough time to properly go through their stuff, but I suspect they will be back in the fall. Whew!! My other regret? I did not buy the letter molds and am going through my business cards like a wild woman to locate the vendor so I can get an urgent junk message to him. At 12 bucks a mold they were awesome. The lockers were the most unusual I had seen in awhile, but they were deeper than a school locker.They were worth moving some walls around though. Ha! Listen to me. The chairs..are on their way to New York City. You can see them on the Today Show on Monday. Wow, I just wrote my 4th book! This stuff gets me a little jazzed to say the least. DON'T FORGET to post images of your best in show junk!

Bye for Now,
Sue Posted: 11:11 am on April 8th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: I've been anxiously awaiting your "top 10" list, Sue. You sure don't disappoint! Metal chairs are fantastic and the ones you've shown would be fab in a dining room. I am currently ISO old lockers for my mudroom, so I was really pleased to see they made your list. I LOVE the set shown with their rusty grated sides! If these weren't as deep as they appear...they'd be perfect for me.

Thanks for your lovely list!

Posted: 10:50 am on April 8th
shabbychick writes: Sue - Great top 10! And stopping at 10 does seem like a real junker's test for sure!! :) You know a lot of us have this issue with "stuff"...that's why we fill drawers, closets, rooms, basements, garages, sheds, etc., etc... Oops - I said too much, didn't I???

Love the lockers (more room for "stuff")!


Posted: 10:43 am on April 8th
catbishop writes: Great items and photos.. I'd love some of those letter molds and what's not to love about architectural hardware? thanks for sharing this cool stuff.

Cat Posted: 10:34 am on April 8th
LuAnn writes: Sue: love your "top 10" items. I've jotted them down in my "junk journal" for futher reference as I have with may of the ideas here. Don't how you could stop with just "10". I especially loved the gym lockers. What great storage space.

LuAnn Posted: 10:19 am on April 8th
CottageElements writes: K, I saw those bottle crates and thought they were so cool. Didn't know they were in your Top 10! I don't know what it is that draws me to things with little compartments and drawers?!? Loved those lockers, too! They were spectacular. Wish we could've just loaded everyone of them up and brought them home with us! The dog looks a little scary though. He'd certainly keep me away!

Lani Posted: 12:38 am on April 8th
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