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March 26th, 2009 in member junk     
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This is my Flea Market Find Dog! I brought him home in August from the Packwood Flea Market. I love him to pieces but today he gets the title of "Bad Dog" I found this great sign at Goodwill yesterday and couldn't resist putting it right in the middle of my yard where Swiper decided to dig a big hole.

Pattern or design used: My own design - My Flea Market Dog
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new2nc69 writes: I love picture #1 so much, I now have it as my desktop screen on my computer.Thanks Swiper! Naughty dog! Posted: 3:28 pm on August 5th
BarkingDogs writes: Reading all of these comments was cracking me up! Swiper does look very sweet and innocent! He receives the title of "Bad Dog" often, and his name is very fitting as he swipes our shoes and other items and runs out the doggie door with them!

I fell in love with this cute little dog the second I walked past him at the flea market. My husband was totally against the idea of bringing home a fourth dog. I immediately loved him, so I couldn't help crying when my husband said "NO". Obviously, my husband has a weakness for tears because Swiper came home with us that day.

Posted: 12:48 pm on March 30th
RobJ98167 writes: I need to borrow that dign for Romeo- bot Swipe wasn't
bveing bad- he was helping you garden Posted: 3:11 am on March 29th
AtticusFinch writes: What a cute face, surely he didn't stay in time out too long with that cute face. Posted: 8:34 pm on March 27th
bridiemurphy writes: OMG -- precious! I see my next mosaic.... Posted: 11:11 am on March 27th
TrashyChick writes: I just love your little dog, he's sooooo cute. Posted: 7:56 am on March 27th
KimK59 writes: What a cool picture! Well worth the hole in the back yard! Posted: 12:17 am on March 27th
JunkArchitect writes: The first photo should be made into a poster…what a great shot.

Jim Posted: 10:06 pm on March 26th
chiccottagejunk writes: Oh, my gosh, I think this is hysterical! I just love it! Posted: 9:10 pm on March 26th
writes: he is WAY too cute!

JennyK Posted: 7:10 pm on March 26th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Consider sending that first photo to a pet photo contest. Too cute!!!

Candy Posted: 5:51 pm on March 26th
MelHow writes: He doesn't act as if he feels terribly guilty. Posted: 5:25 pm on March 26th
oldnews writes: OMG! As the owner of 4 dogs myself, I have seen those faces SO many times! My corgie is a habitual digger, and that sign is absolutely hilarious! It's perfect! What an adorable dog yours is! Posted: 5:24 pm on March 26th
judithomas writes: No, no....he was framed...Framed I tell you!

No, actually in picture number 3, he is smiling that sheepish grin that says, "...but Mo-ommm,I thought you said this is where you wanted to plant that new DOGWOOD tree! memory is a bit RUFF around the edges!"

What a darling, sweet dog!

Judi Posted: 5:11 pm on March 26th
Tuttibelle writes: I lip read his picture on number three and he said "Sure!". He can come live at my house. Posted: 4:46 pm on March 26th
thehillbillies writes: That is funny! I need 4 of those at my house! My lab has decided she NEEDS to get to her new friend right next door... so they are digging their way under the chainlink fence my neighbors have... Ugh- I think they get the spring itch just as bad as we do! Posted: 4:32 pm on March 26th
alicemom writes: Are you sure this is not a set-up? Swiper looks way to nice!!
alice Posted: 3:38 pm on March 26th
georgiamoon writes: OMG this made me laugh sooooo hard! Picture number 3 is the funniest thing EVER!!! It looks like he was talking to you! I LOVE him. Geo Posted: 3:22 pm on March 26th
shabbychick writes: He doesn't look like such a bad dog to me either!!! (just having a little dog fun, right??)

Kathy Posted: 3:12 pm on March 26th
WeBeJunkin writes: Oh my goodness!! I am sure someone or something made him do it. He just looks to sweet to have thought of that by himself. Posted: 2:30 pm on March 26th
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