My First Post! Can someone tell me how to resize my pictures?

March 26th, 2009 in member junk     
WeBeJunkin WeBeJunkin, member
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I have been waiting for months to get started sharing our finds and projects but I cant get my pictures to upload ( TOOO BIG) . I dont want to have to resize on my camera because we take alot of pics and make them into larger pictures, is there a way just to resize before I post?

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Norma41 writes: I'm a new poster also and am having a terrible time getting photos uploaded!!! This is really frustrating! I'm a real DIY'er but this problem is making me want to find another 'junker' website in which to share my ideas and find others ideas! Barkingdogs, I think I'll download and see if I have any luck there. Posted: 5:11 pm on April 6th
greencolleen writes: well i actually got it to load into site i think we'll see . im so inept at this computer thing forgot to right click so i think i figured it out . but then went oot and not sure how i did it? do the pics and posts post next day??? or right away. i have a kodak camera for blonds, which means i dont have to read the instructions before i use it:).so i will get out the instructions and resize that as well. thanks candy +gretchen Posted: 9:32 pm on March 29th
MimiToria writes: There is also a setting on our cameras that allows us to set the sizes. I have mine on the fine setting, as I rarely blow up pictures larger than 8 x 12. I don't have to do any resizing with my photos by using these settings. Also, it allows you to have way more photos on your SD cards too, so double the benefits.
Gretchen Posted: 11:23 am on March 28th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: So sorry. It is my understanding the site had to put size restrictions in place recently in order to keep it from crashing. Sue can clarify that for me if she wishes.

If you use Microsoft Office on your computer I can give you instructions to change the size using "Paint".

Click Start
Open (Find where your photo is saved)
Change veritical AND horizontal size to 30%
Save As (Something different so you don't alter the size of your original photo).

Hope this helps and sorry for the frustrations. I want to welcome the new members and thank our regulars for helping out too!!

Take care,
Candy Posted: 7:24 am on March 28th
greencolleen writes: i also need remedial photo posting. been working on this for over a week aaagh!!! ive done some projects and i want to post .did go to photo size but then where did they go omg this is so frustrating. they do not auto resize. how long does it take to load into site ???? please help!!!! Posted: 8:04 pm on March 27th
italianpeasant writes: if i remember correctly,this site said that the pics automatically resize :) Posted: 2:54 pm on March 26th
shabbychick writes: WeBeJunkin - welcome to JunkMarketStyle! Glad you got help with resizing - that was a problem for me too...

If you need to add to your profile, just click on your name and then there should be a button to "edit settings" should be able to change/add from there.

Kathy Posted: 12:45 pm on March 26th
BarkingDogs writes: To edit your profile: Click on the "My Junk" tab, then click on the blue tab on the right hand side of the screen that says "edit my settings". Voila! Posted: 12:44 pm on March 26th
WeBeJunkin writes: Thank You Anyone who junks know first hand about TRIAL AND ERROR. Also I tried to go back to our profile and add a little about us but I can not get it to come up?! Could you maybe help with this also? Thanks again. Posted: 11:50 am on March 26th
alicemom writes: I use olympus. It took me a while too. The first few times it worked. Then Stopped. I'll be looking forward to your posts.
Alice Posted: 11:43 am on March 26th
WeBeJunkin writes: Thank You soooo much. We got a snow day and I hate to waste it. Posted: 11:41 am on March 26th
BarkingDogs writes: I load my pictures into It's fast and easy. Posted: 11:38 am on March 26th
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