Solig Lanterns made from Trash

March 17th, 2009 in member junk     
RobJ98167 RobJ98167, member
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The Solig lanterns I made out of Crystal Light containers
Solig lanterns from Ikea
The Solig lanterns I made out of Crystal Light containers

The Solig lanterns I made out of "Crystal Light" containers

I was in Ikea yesterday- they had their summer stuff out- I walked by some neat little battery powered lanterns- The Solig Lantern , which looked like my mom's old tupperware tumblers with a light in them. Well when I got home from work, I got my creative freak on. I made two versions- 1 in the lantern holders I previously got from Ikea as-is, 1 without. For the lantern I used a Crystal Light container. These are a problem for me- I cant drink regular OJ in the morning (due to diabetes) and I love OJ so I have to drink this powdered "Tang" rip-off unless I juice my own. But what to do with the packaging? It is #5 Poly Propylene, the only place I know that recycles it is Whole Foods of which there is not one near me, or i can send them in to Recycline- Both part of their Take 5 program-I looked at the tubes of #5PP and thought those look just like the solig lanterns. So I took a battery powered tea light put one input the lid back on and POW- a Solig lantern! I love the muted look the tea light gives. For the ones with no fancy lantern holder I will take some hefty wire (probably an old coat hanger) and make a hanger for them- just drill through the top, add a loop made from a hanger and done! Note the one in the holder loses it's #5PP Lid- I will take that and make a fridge magnet photo frame. I get a neat lantern for the porch, get a re-use on the #5PP Containers and didn't have to buy a thing- I have the tea lights (available at Michael's and JoAnn's- I got a pack of 28 at costco with 56 extra batteries for like $8)I Certainly have the wire hangers (one of my favorate things to make tools and such out of)! So the way I look at it I got my "Solig Lanterns" for nothing

Pattern or design used: Ikea Solig Lanterns
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LloydsLandingofSears writes: The earth and I thank you! ~Mary~ Posted: 7:51 pm on July 21st
rohit writes: Wow its a really great site.These are nice lamps..I'm sure most people would think I bought them.Moroccan lanterns
Posted: 4:53 am on October 14th
rohit writes: Wow its a really great site.These are nice lamps..I'm sure most people would think I bought them. moroccan lanterns
Posted: 4:52 am on October 14th
whiteflower writes: Very cool - I like your version much better then the Ikea one. Posted: 7:27 am on March 20th
QueenofQuanity writes: Too cool!

Shelley Posted: 1:30 pm on March 18th
suewhitney writes: Way to go Rob! These ate ingenious. And to think they came from Crystal Light containers. Good workmy friend!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:01 am on March 18th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: I too drink Crystal Light and have always used the containers for my kids' small toys (ie dominos, legos,etc) and always try to think of other uses. Thanks for your great idea. Your lanterns would look really cool sitting along my deck rail...I'm sure most people would think I bought them at IKEA.

Great re-use!
Candy Posted: 8:05 am on March 18th
oldnews writes: Wow! they really do look like the old tupperware tumblers! Pretty clever and the price is certainly right!!
Posted: 8:56 pm on March 17th
alicemom writes: WOW! That is really great. To Save & too save our earth! Good going Rob
alice Posted: 7:58 pm on March 17th
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