How to Store Ribbons

March 12th, 2009 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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A once Valentines Day gift is reborn as rolling ribbon tote!
The humble beginnings. A metal toy wagon, 2 old washers, and a 1/4 inch wooden dowel is all you need. Your tools and materials are minimal as well. A wood saw, measuring tape, marker, and Gorilla Glue will get the job done.
This little baby holds 10 rolls of ribbon. Wow! Now thats a lot for a little wagon. Yours may hold more or less depending on the width of the ribbon.
The little wheels go round and round!
Grab a-hold of the handle and pull it across the table... just for fun!
Measure the length of the wagon.
Measure and cut dowel for a tight fit inside the wagon.
Measure and mark where dowel will sit on both ends of the inside of the wagon. Apply Gorilla Super Glue to both washers  and adhere to each end of wagon where marked. The washers will hold dowel in place.
One end of the wagon has a gate that opens making it easy to release the dowel to change up the ribbons.
After slipping your ribbon rolls on to the dowel, set inside wagon and close the gate! The ribbons rotate easily on the dowel making wrapping and crafting a breeze!
A once Valentines Day gift is reborn as rolling ribbon tote!

A once Valentine's Day gift is reborn as rolling ribbon tote!

I love vintage toys because they are so multi-talented and cute to boot. After the arrangement I did for Valentine's Day had seen its better days, I wanted to put this red wagon back to work. The red wagon and ribbon rolls came together like peanut buttter and chocolate! Standard three inch rolls of ribbon from the craft store are a perfect fit!

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suewhitney writes: Hi Green Colleen,

Glad to hear you are going to give this project a try!For posting pictures I have to re-size them. I use Microsoft picture manager. There is an option in the program for web-small. I choose that option, apply, and save. I believe the size is 336x400. Hope this helps...would love to see your projects!


You can also change the setting on your camera and upload directly. Posted: 3:33 pm on March 14th
greencolleen writes: i have a few of these wagons so may do a easter thing then a ribbon cadie after :). but im like the rest running out of counter.
sue this is off subject but i'm very computer unsavy. soo got this great idea want to post cant get the pics in what am i doing wrong? i need remedial picture posting. Posted: 2:05 pm on March 14th
suewhitney writes: Ah, yes we are all looking for extra countertop space. Ha! I'll see what I can dig up!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 11:24 am on March 14th
1retrogal writes: That is too sweet! But where do you find the extra countertop space???? I'm always looking for some of that! That's usually the hardest to come by.
Karen Posted: 12:25 pm on March 13th
fleaspeech writes: Wow- an inspiration to us all! Amazing! Posted: 10:46 am on March 13th
MimiToria writes: Love this project Sue. You the original junk queen for sure. The washer idea is ingenious of you. Awesome!
Gretchen Posted: 10:40 am on March 13th
alicemom writes: I think that is fantastic. You are the bomb or should I say "junk master"!!!!!
alice Posted: 11:09 pm on March 12th
JunkArchitect writes: Sue, I can truly appreciate the beauty in your latest creation and as always your photos are fantastic. See there is more to me then dented buckets and beer bottles.

Jim Posted: 10:24 pm on March 12th
CottageElements writes: Wow . . . how cute is that! That wagon was the perfect thing for this. I don't know how you think these things up?!!

Lani Posted: 5:32 pm on March 12th
georgiamoon writes: OMG Sue this so darling I can't stand it! I laughed and laughed when you said "grab a-hold of the handle and pull it across the table...just for fun"! That DOES sound like FUN. It's just one of those little things in life that bring us joy. You made my day with this fun and charming project. I adore it and YOU, geo Posted: 2:07 pm on March 12th
suewhitney writes: Thanks ladies! Bridget, my first inclination was to drill holes, but the little gate gave way to the idea for the washers. Things just have a way of working out sometimes!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 1:14 pm on March 12th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Okay, this is just too stinkin' cute! Love your ribbon color combination and that wagon is the best find ever.

Beautifully done!
Candy Posted: 12:52 pm on March 12th
bridiemurphy writes: Well, of course. Because ribbons NEED TO BE PORTABLE! Use em for gift wrapping, sewing, playing...

Fun Project. Never thought of the washers, i woulda drilled a hole into the wagon -- dumb me -- smart you! Posted: 12:45 pm on March 12th
shabbychick writes: Sue - what a great idea! Love a little rusty storage, and your little wagon is sweet!!

Great pics and instructions as always! Thanks for the fun, organizational inspiration!

Kathy Posted: 11:57 am on March 12th
fellowjunker writes: Whoa Sue.........this is absolutely fantastic!!!! I love, love, love this project. Your pictures always look so fabulous. You are a creative genius!!!
xojanis Posted: 11:17 am on March 12th
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