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March 8th, 2009 in projects     
georgiamoon Georgia Terrell, contributor
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YAY! Finally done.
This is a shot of the workbench. Take a good wont be this clean again!
This shot shows the shelf with the chubby legs.
Here is my alien junk friend...hes gonna make sure I dont mess this up!
YAY! Finally done.

YAY! Finally done.

This is the former mens bathroom in the former Italian restaurant that my shop used to be. I have finally gotten it to the point where I can actually DO something in there. I thought I would show it off now while you can still see the table. I have a lot more to do, like finding everything that got moved around while this was being done. My electrician came by yesterday so I had no more excuses not to get it put together. I brought a potting table from out back and used the bottom shelf with some hefty spiral legs to make a shelf above the table. Peg board holds some of the tools and soon the shelves on the other side of the room wll be filled with junk for projects and for sale. I have to work on the organization of my little stuff, screws, nails, glue. etc. I have the drawers in the little cardboard cabinet and the small storage unit stuffed with paper, stickers, stamps, and stuff to use for art projects, so I am ready to go...Let's see what I can get done. I used Jennys idea to put up an array of junk for insiration and I have my little alien friend to watch over me. Isn't he cute?

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StrangeCargo writes: Georgia, your organization is inspiring! I know my huge weakness (I have many!)is organization, or lack there-of. I oftentimes cannot pass up ANYTHING that stands out to me on the curb, at the Flea, or at a sale, and then when returning to home, I pile it in my studio, aka, space formerly know as my garage for future diagnosis for yet another creation. My only navigation in there is a "natural" path that just "happens" after I drop off my new found treasure. I guess psychoanalysis would be in order for those like me in this situation. Organization for us is only temporary, but at least I am in great company!


Ken Posted: 7:33 am on April 18th
pofolksdecorator1 writes: adorable. cozy. Thanks for the shelf idea. I am designing an area for my supplies also. Very cute! Annie Posted: 11:46 am on April 11th
junkinpunkin writes: I am hassling my husband now for his shed. I want to attain this master junker status. lol. And didn't you post that paris lamp? Black and white, in little strips? I have thought of that dang lamp a million times now. It was soo exquisitely creative and beautiful, it totally flipped my bippy. You are awesome. Posted: 11:49 pm on March 13th
Junkpony writes: What a cool work space...if that alien dude isn't inspiring, I don't know what is! I would love to have a spot like that - I'm still trying to figure out how to turn a very bland apartment bedroom into my junk lab. This is great inspiration... Posted: 9:51 am on March 13th
justloveit writes:
Georgia, This looks just lovely. Especially love those fabulous spiral legs you used to support the shelf above the table. Creative projects will surely flow freely from such an inspiring nook! Congratulations on a great job! Leanna Posted: 12:46 pm on March 12th
CottageElements writes: Geo, what a great transformation! I'm so impressed. To think this was formerly a bathroom. I'm not half as organized as that. Here's looking forward to all your future projects!

Lani Posted: 12:00 pm on March 11th
justasec44 writes: What a much better use for a men's room! Looks like some serious work will transpire in there judging from the tool display. Well done. Posted: 4:36 pm on March 9th
fellowjunker writes: What a great job you did on your work space Geo..........I feel inspired just looking at it!!!! Boy do I love an organized work just makes everything you do so much easier don't you think?? I think the peg board is a great idea ..keeping everything within easy reach (easy to find & easy to put away). I would love to see more pictures of your store as well!!!!
xojanis Posted: 11:15 am on March 9th
shabbychick writes: Geo...what a great little space you created - you're gonna be dangerous now!! With your inspiration pieces around you, I bet those wheels are turning (can't wait to see what you come up with)!

Now get busy girl!!!

Thanks for sharing, Kathy Posted: 10:26 am on March 9th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Oh, nice! A JUNK "Room of One's Own". Virginia Woolf would be so very impressed! What a great spot to get those creative juices of yours flowing.

Thanks for sharing your newly organized junk room with us.

Posted: 8:20 am on March 9th
writes: Honey! Look at you all ready to go in your new creative world! I love it. A new lab for Geo. :-)

And I can't wait to see what comes out of there you creative whiz you!

XO, JennyK Posted: 11:48 pm on March 8th
CreepinJen writes: Looks like you're all set for the next project! The spiral columns look rather classy against the Italian tile. The potting table should make a nice work surface. You made great use of the space. Be sure to send some "after" pictures too!
Posted: 11:00 pm on March 8th
alicemom writes: Georgia,
WOW! I need to take a before & after picture of my junk house. But that means I would have to have an "after". Yours looks great & ready for your creative spirt. I will be waiting to see the magic. Good Job.
alice Posted: 9:42 pm on March 8th
oldnews writes: Oh my gosh,I love you alien guy, he is so cute! If you're anything like me, it's good that you took that picture of your workbench all tidied up. I can't even remember when mine looked remotely presentable! Posted: 8:26 pm on March 8th
JunkArchitect writes: Georgia, it looks like a real cozy place to hangout. With your imagination I’m sure they’ll be some creative things happening in there. As I look around at all your junk I can think of a couple of cool things to put together. You’re very talented!

Posted: 8:26 pm on March 8th
grannijo writes: your alien junk friend!! cute!...the work shop looks very nice and clean...wish I had a place like yours to do all the projects I have started and didn't all of your ideas...can see you are very talented!!....sharon Posted: 8:13 pm on March 8th
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