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February 11th, 2009 in member junk     
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These are some of the pieces I made using ideas from this site.
I sell these items at craft shows but I ran out of room to store them at home so I put them on one side of my flea market booth. The real junk is on the other side.
But when I leave my booth out the back door this is what I see. A junk wonderland.
Here are some great wrought iron pieces (some weathered more than others). All kind of animal cages, vintage outdoor furniture, cans, candle holders, etc. etc.
This booth was covered up because it is closed during the week but once again just endless stuff waiting for me. Get your gears and industrial pieces here.
These are some of the pieces I made using ideas from this site.

These are some of the pieces I made using ideas from this site.

It's so hard to go home without filling up the van with more than I brought to the flea market to get rid of. I think one guy gets most of his stuff from people's trash piles all over town. The more you buy the cheaper it is. So why buy 1 or 2 windows when you can get 10 cheaper. There are great wrought iron pieces too. There are also some great "what ja ma call its". When I have room at the house this is where I'll get all the things I need to make all the fantastic things people have posted on this site. If you're driving to Round Top this spring and pass through Dallas, this place is 180 miles east of Dallas.

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amberbadillo writes: I just started doing trades days in Longview, Tx. I was wondering how much it costs to rent a space at Greenwood, LA? And how I go about renting it? Posted: 6:36 pm on March 2nd
ClassyLadyJen writes: That looks awesome. Looks a little like my garage and upstairs. How fun! Posted: 3:28 pm on February 23rd
gilswife writes: All your things are Wonderful!!!!! .... Donna Posted: 4:24 pm on February 13th
georgiamoon writes: OMG I would LOVE to shop there. I can see from the picture that I would go totally insane...just running around flinging things into a big huge pile to take home and play with. I'll be dreaming of this tonight, Georgia Posted: 3:10 pm on February 12th
shabbychick writes: You've got some great "junk" and a nice booth!! And so much more to pick from around you too - endless fun, right??? (those pictures make me want to dig right in...) :)

Thanks for sharing! Kathy Posted: 11:25 am on February 12th
SeaGlassLady writes: Looks like a fun place to visit...too bad I'm 2000 miles away! Posted: 8:39 am on February 12th
junktiqueboutique writes: Christy,
The flea market is in Greenwood, LA just outside of Shreveport. It's on Interstate 20 so it's easy to find. Come see us. Posted: 10:45 pm on February 11th
csudderth writes: Oh man--got to check this place out. What town is it in? I'm in southern Oklahoma.
Christy Posted: 10:18 pm on February 11th
fellowjunker writes: It is fun to see all your junk spots junktique!!! I would love to get to your booth in person.
xojanis Posted: 10:03 pm on February 11th
junkermidge writes: Everything looks beautiful. You're definitely having fun with junk!

Midge Posted: 8:41 pm on February 11th
MimiToria writes: Looks like a fun place to go to on a regular basis. Lucky you!
Gretchen Posted: 7:47 pm on February 11th
irishrovr writes:
Time for a spring ROAD TRIP!!!

Eileen Posted: 5:13 pm on February 11th
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