Keeping Time With the "Rhythm" of Life

February 9th, 2009 in projects     
georgiamoon Georgia Terrell, contributor
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The finished project...finally. Whew.
Lots of pieces and parts come together.
You need a large pocket for this watch
The words to the song travel up the right hand side.
I love the chippy molding and hook.
An old photo held up by a cool piece of junk of unknown origin.
The finished project...finally. Whew.

The finished project...finally. Whew.

I started with several ideas on what to do for the challenge, which means I scrapped several attempts to make something good out of the rolls of paper. Anyway, when I decided to do something with the old clock that I took apart, I wasn't sure what I was going to put back in there until I found the big pocketwatch at the swap meet last Sunday, then things started falling into place. I first painted the wooden box with a milk paint called Olde Parchment, glued the paper from the rolls inside the box, and then mounted a block of old molding from the back and a hook on top of that to hold the clock. I used the ends of the rolls with round earring parts glued on top for finials for the top of the box, added a cute little vintage pull and a piece of junk that I don't know what it is , to hold an old photo.  The words to my song semed to be a rousing patriotic ditty that made little sense to me, but were added down the side of the box for the graphic effect.

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Comments (20)

alicemom writes: I love how it all came together. The clock is fab. Well the whole piece is just great! Thanks for all the inspiring ideas.
alice Posted: 5:02 pm on February 26th
AndreaOpulentCottage writes: My favorite part of this is "the piece of junk that I don't know what it is" part. Dang, that's why I don't EVER throw anything away! The whole thing is just so cool. You ladies are really going to inspire me to keep thinking in new ways! Posted: 4:13 pm on February 23rd
georgiamoon writes: Thanks to everyone for all your nice comments. I was really happy with the way it turned out. I was going to keep it for a while but it sold last weekend. Which made me even happier. I am always so surprised when I sell an art piece. I expect to sell lamps and stuff like that but when someone buys something of yours just to LOOK at, it's very special. Thanks to Sue for coming up with a great challenge. Still waiting to see yours though Sue! Geo Posted: 7:24 pm on February 19th
shabbychick writes: Georgia - what a wonderful piece you created. I love all the elements, the "Paul Bunyan-sized" pocket watch (ha ha),the old double hook, etc... Will have to try using milk paint - the finish looks very shabby chic!

So, are you going to keep it or sell it?? It's a spectaular geo-original!

Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Posted: 8:59 am on February 17th
rebeljunker writes: This is my very, very beautiful. I just love how you put it all together! Very talented! Posted: 11:04 pm on February 16th
bubbasmom writes: Georgia ,I love this .It's different and has that shabby chic look. All of your things are so nice.I'd love to be able to come to your store. Posted: 10:19 pm on February 13th
CottageElements writes: Yeah, Georgia! Third times a charm, and this turned out, well, charming! Love the big clock and it really seems everything just came together perfectly. The hook you held up the clock with is wonderful and all the elements really add to it's "charm". Absolutely perfect!

Lani Posted: 12:49 am on February 13th
CreepinJen writes: This is so beautiful! All the elements come together so nicely. You really created a lovely piece of art. Posted: 9:06 pm on February 10th
janwinn writes: Wow, I love this. All these things are perfect for each other which is the absolutely right way to express the rhythm of life. Great project! Posted: 4:38 am on February 10th
Debbiejean writes: Georgia, this is totally awesome, I love your creative idea! Posted: 8:38 pm on February 9th
JunkArchitect writes: Georgia,
You’ve really came through with a fantastic “challenge” project. All the components were destined to be together. It’s a very complete creation with the materials, colors and theme perfectly matched to one another.

Your talent is taking elements that most people wouldn’t think of putting together and creating things that we would all love to own, this creation is one example.

I look forward to all your projects and this is one of the best.

Jim Posted: 8:31 pm on February 9th
Chovey writes: Love it! Good Job!!

cynthia Posted: 8:31 pm on February 9th
junkermidge writes: What an incredible piece you've crafted. It's awesome! All the details really make it. Way to go.

Midge Posted: 6:27 pm on February 9th
whiteflower writes: Wow, this looks great! I love the play on the grandfather clock idea, and how the piece blends bold, graphic elements with a soft paint finish. And of course I'm in love with that unidentified junk bit! Great job again! Posted: 4:20 pm on February 9th
Junkpony writes: Wow, that all pulled together perfectly! It's beautiful. Posted: 1:06 pm on February 9th
writes: Geo,
You made a beautiful piece out of a difficult medium to work with. But, I must say that your project title is what struck me the most. The Rhythm of Life was a great metaphor to work with and you did a wonderful job of portraying that.

You are one talented & special gal.

JennyK Posted: 12:26 pm on February 9th
fellowjunker writes: Whoa Geo....this is amazing!!! I absolutely love the elements of the large shadow box, oversized pocket watch and vintage treats!!!! My, my, my you did a FABULOUS job!!! This project was meant to be!!
xojanis Posted: 11:06 am on February 9th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Ahhh, Georgia. I really love your piano roll project and all the elements you used came together quite nicely! See how things just work out sometimes? The clock is awesome but I think I love it even more hanging from the cool double hook you chose. Your finish on the wood is fantastic too!

Great job!

Posted: 9:02 am on February 9th
MimiToria writes: Hey Georgia - yeah, yours is up next! You did a great job. Love the case you used, the thingamajig to hold the vintage photo, huge pocket watch, etc. Way to go! Very lovely piece you chose to showcase your paper roll project in. Posted: 7:24 am on February 9th
suewhitney writes: Hi All,

Georgia is on the boards now with her challenge project. This is truly a beauty Geo. Great detail and I LOVE the addition of the big pocket watch. In the words of Elvis...Vury niice!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 7:17 am on February 9th
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