Super Sunny Sunday Swap at the Sunset

February 1st, 2009 in member junk     
georgiamoon Georgia Terrell, contributor
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This is my favorite treasure, a silver plate samovar with Ivory handle and feet.  No lid but Ill put pink tulips in for V Day.
I tried to find small stuff that I could use for Valentines Day decorations.
A rolling Dr.s tray holds some more finds. Anybody know what time it is?
A bird bath that needs a bath itself.
Wont this be darling all dressed up for Valentines Day?
This is my favorite treasure, a silver plate samovar with Ivory handle and feet.  No lid but Ill put pink tulips in for V Day.

This is my favorite treasure, a silver plate samovar with Ivory handle and feet.  No lid but I'll put pink tulips in for V Day.

So guys this is all from the Swap Meet that we will be going to when Sue arrives later this month. I know this is one of her favorites. She should have quite an entourage by the time we get there, all her friends from the Central Coast will be there to welcome her. I had a really good time today and got some lovely stuff just in time to decorate for V. Day. The weather was fine and the treasures were plenty, and I came home with $2 left in my pocket! That's what I call a successful morning at the Swap Meet!

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csudderth writes: Good job--isn't it exciting to find great junk?
Christy Posted: 3:28 pm on February 7th
writes: Geo!
I didn't make it - was organizing the lab & getting it company ready ;-) I want that gear please!!

XO JennyK Posted: 5:43 pm on February 2nd
upyourattic writes: These are wodnerful finds and you are soooo lucky to have a place to go to and pick through - it's freezing here! OK people - enough! It's too cold here for flea markets and even when it's nice, there's nothing to go to unless you want to fight the traffic and travel 1-2 hours!

How does one go about starting flea markets? I know we have some great places to host them, it's just I wouldn't know where to start! Any ideas?!

I'm in the Washington, D.C. metro area - close to Baltimore and Annapolis.

You got some great items! Thanks for sharing!

Patti Posted: 10:04 am on February 2nd
whiteflower writes: Nice treasures - you have a great eye. I am looking forward to seeing some of the projects you create. I am frozen, snowed in and jealous out here on easterm Long Island. Posted: 7:37 am on February 2nd
1retrogal writes: Nice haul! I wish we had flea markets in my area. I love the vase you are going to use for your tulips. Have fun with all that stuff!
Karen Posted: 11:19 pm on February 1st
emw1203 writes: Nice things, I can see you will put a nice life into them.

We have this one flea market that has all these shed like buildings and if you don't mind walking in the slush and ice to each building you can sometimes find that diamond in the rough. Some people warm up their buildings/sheds and offer hot beverages so it is nice to browse and chat. But otherwise, here we have to wait until Spring for the outdoor markets.

Good job with the treasures. Posted: 10:09 pm on February 1st
JunkArchitect writes: Lucky you…nice weather, great flea markets and cool junk. Keep rubbing it in Georgia Moon.

I got nothing! No tag sales, no flea markets, snow and ice everywhere. Posted: 8:36 pm on February 1st
Lillypad writes: I love the cart! Sunny florida always has flea markets , auctions and yard sales galore!Come on down! Posted: 7:26 pm on February 1st
CottageElements writes: Geo, I love everything you got! Can't wait for flea market season to start here! Still have to wait a few months. Darn!

Lani Posted: 7:19 pm on February 1st
LuAnn writes: Great finds. Love all the stuff. Work your magic and show us the projects!!

LuAnn Posted: 2:44 pm on February 1st
irishrovr writes: Sweet!

Eileen Posted: 2:40 pm on February 1st
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