"JUMP THROUGH THIS!!??!!" (project #1)

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These metal embroidery hoops are perfect for creating a magnetic bulletin board.
Measure and cut some pretty paper (this was a roll of wrapping paper I had).
I like to use spray adhesive to mount paper to objects as I find that mod podge will often bubble the paper. 
For a clean edge file with a nail file.

When I found these old metal embroidery hoops at the thrift store I knew right away what I wanted to do with them......they are perfect for creating magnetic bulletin boards. 

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - junkstyle
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shabbychick writes: Janis - simply wonderful! Clever re-use!

Kathy Posted: 10:57 am on February 16th
1retrogal writes: Your so smart! Very pretty. I like your egg cup too.
Karen Posted: 11:11 pm on February 9th
whiteflower writes: I love your style. Very creative and done to perfection! Posted: 7:57 am on February 6th
JunkArchitect writes: Easy and quick project that turned out beautiful. Posted: 11:42 am on February 5th
SweetMelissa writes: These are wonderful. I have memories of painting at Grandma's house with these too....we were such good artists (or so we thought). My sisters and I just recently went through some of these things and to my dismay I think we donated these to the local thrift store. I might have to go shopping tomorrow! Posted: 11:05 pm on February 4th
writes: Nice work Janis. I love the frame idea and see it working with lots of fun stuff. And good advice on the spray adhesive too!

JennyK Posted: 10:59 pm on February 4th
fellowjunker writes: Thanks so much for your feedback junkers.....Sandra...I loved your story about crafting with your nana!!! I had no idea that these were originally used for painting. I know I would have loved your nana, as I attribute a lot of my crafting skill and love of it to one of my grandmothers who always had special craft projects for me to do whenever I visited. I hope I have the opportunity to inspire someone in my life the way she inspired me!!! Happy junking!!
xojanis Posted: 9:28 pm on February 4th
junkermidge writes: Pretty and functional, too! Way to go!

Midge Posted: 9:07 pm on February 4th
irishrovr writes: One can never have too many places for magnets! This was a nifty idea!

Eileen http://ruralwisconsin.blogspot.com/ Posted: 8:56 pm on February 4th
CottageElements writes: Very pretty, Janis Love the magnet you used on it, too! Looks like a piece of jewelry. You are one talented gal!

Lani Posted: 5:42 pm on February 4th
LuAnn writes: Great idea. Will have to keep eyes open for these. My mom used those way back when. Who would have thought!

LuAnn Posted: 5:40 pm on February 4th
CreepinJen writes: This project is so cool! I wonder if those companies still make the painting frames? I've never seen them before. Posted: 5:24 pm on February 4th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: What a sweet project, Janis. I absolutely love the paper you chose! And thanks Shabbyrosechic for the additional informations. Sounds like it brings lots of good memories for you.
Candy Posted: 4:03 pm on February 4th
MimiToria writes: Love what you've done here Janis. Great idea and project as always. Excellent photography as well.
Gretchen Posted: 2:39 pm on February 4th
Shabbyrosechic writes: Those are actually old TriChem or Vogart tube painting hoops they had a metal back and then you would place a precut piece of heavy paper for a blotter and then whatever you were painting on and then snug up the ring. My Nana used to love that stuff and let me paint when I visited. We would iron on a Vogart pattern and then paint for hours. We used tea towels and hankies. Brings back memories and your idea is a great way to reuse those! ~Sandra~ Posted: 2:28 pm on February 4th
georgiamoon writes: Janis this turned out so darling. I have never seen the hoops with a solid back before. This was an excellent use for them and as usual very nicely set up and photographed..always so beautiful. Georgia
PS is that glue what you used on the music box. It seems so much smoother than mine does. I used mod podge on my project... that remains to be seen...and it is a little bubbly. Oh well next time huh? Posted: 2:02 pm on February 4th
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