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A pix of the aquarium and stand; doesnt show the water damage to the stand.
We decopauged a purchased poster to the front of the frame.

Beginning to fill the tank!
An overall view of the tank filled ....
... and a close-up of the wreck and ruins.
A pix of the aquarium and stand; doesnt show the water damage to the stand.

A pix of the aquarium and stand; doesn't show the water damage to the stand.

Photo: scubacuba2

This is my first aquarium.  I researchd the internet and was alarmed at the cost to purchase and equip a new 75-gallon tank.  But, there's always Craigslist and I found a sweet deal for $250 from a lady that was ready to throw her tank out the front door after her departing husband.  $250 for the tank, stand and working accessories.  But, nearly the entire bottom of the frame was rotted away and there was a lot of water damage under the tank, around the sides and down the front of the cabinet's doors.  But, for $250, I couldn't kvetch so loud, right?  We carted her home.  My Dear Husband worked on the wood details - replacing the rotted and mildewed wood and wood-filling where needed.  We sanded and repainted the entire unit with 2 coats of jet black gloss except for the sides which we decided to paint an eggshell (1, to pick-up the background in the print on the front, and 2, because the sides faced us in the family room and nothing else was black).  I purchased a large poster of the Japanese print, The Great Wave, to decopauge to the front of the frame.  The poster was chopped to fit the frame's background, molding around the door frames, and the insert panels on the doors, and we pasted it all down with a glue/water mixture.  Credit goes again to my DH for all the expert measuring and cutting he did to fit the poster sections to the frame front's dimensions.  We were surprised and concerned as we began to lay the pasted pieces onto the frame because the poster paper stretched as we tried to manipulate the glued pieces into place.  But, we persevered and decided that the imperfections would become a part of the planned project rather than the project ending in our divorce.  Two days of drying time and 3 coats of clear polyurethane brought everything to D-Day - filling the tank.  We schlepped the frame and tank into the house and placed it over an exercise equipment mat purchased to contain future minor water spills.  And then we arranged the decor we already had bought to coordinate with the frame's artwork.  And, Voila!  Sorry, my pix of the finished fishtank aren't that great, but the compliments we recieve anytime a visitor sees the tank are well worth all the cussing, sweat and tears.  My DH says it was all my idea, and it was my idea, but I couldn't have done it without him!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - AQUARIUM STAND RE-DEUX
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MelHow writes: Wow!! I love that you chose the artwork - it is perfect!! Posted: 3:58 pm on January 26th
CottageElements writes: What an amazing transformation! You did an awesome job so congrats on it! Welcome to the site!

Lani Posted: 9:40 pm on January 25th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Wow! You both turned this into some kind of treasure! Beautiful work!
Candy Posted: 5:29 pm on January 25th
georgiamoon writes: Oh you are funny. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the whole post. I was smiling the whole time! You guys did an excellent job on this project and it nice to hear that all is well between you guys after all the work you put into this. I'm pretty sure that "me and mine" wouldn't have fared so well. Great job and can't wait to hear more of your adventures, Georgia Posted: 2:44 pm on January 25th
bridiemurphy writes: Hokusai's (?) artwork on the front....PERFECT! I adore that wave...lovely decoupage job! Posted: 11:22 am on January 25th
joeyone writes: that is so kewl!!!! you did an awesome job love it! Posted: 10:54 am on January 25th
scubacuba2 writes: Thanks Sue! Any plans to come to Jacksonville, FL??

And does Lily - Willy have a boyfriend? I have a 7 y/o Rat Terrier name Phillip - Bubbalicious that she would fall head over tails with. Posted: 10:37 am on January 25th
suewhitney writes: Well done you two! This a fabulous that you're done with it! Thanks for the detailed instructions and the funny stories. You gave me a good laugh this morning. Always a good way to start the day!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:32 am on January 25th
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