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January 23rd, 2009 in member junk     
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Picked this up yesterday but not sure what to do with it.

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Terrylee5151 writes: That is a beautiful piece. I am at a loss with my own greenhouse so I don't have any great ideas for you but greens and some red thrown in would be very pretty for Christmas time Posted: 9:38 am on December 4th
ilovetobemom writes: You could paint it flat black and put one of those folk art candles in it and have it on the front porch.
Also, how did you hang your small antique bottles on the edges of a curtain? Thank you Posted: 11:30 pm on March 11th
bubbasmom writes: Lovecrafting maybe somehow you could put a pretty fountian in it if you can get it in between the bars.Maybe take out one bar.Shabby chic the wood too,and crystals hanging in between like someone said ,I think.Then sit it on a table top. Posted: 9:25 pm on January 30th
lovecrafting writes: I knew I could depend on you all to come up with some great ideas. Now night light? or easter display? Faux bird cage I think maybe since I collect birds! Thank you all so much for your help. Posted: 10:37 pm on January 24th
SweetMelissa writes: What a fun and unique find! Paint and shabby it the color of your choice. Then, find a cute little lamp to set inside for a nightlight effect. The cord can just drape out the back...Wa wiring needed. For a little more of a "dressed up" look, hang some dangly crystals around the top or base with cuphooks or upholstry tacks. Enjoy! Posted: 9:53 pm on January 24th
bridiemurphy writes: I'm with Kim -- you've got two great pieces...a base for displaying cakes, a small sculpture/figurine...and then a wonderful bird cage top...ideal for crafting easter; put a nest underneath.

Paint it! Yellow, then White, then shabby it! Posted: 11:18 am on January 24th
dellafalls writes: I think it would make a cool, faux bird cage, paint it funky and put a plant or somenting funky in it. Posted: 11:08 pm on January 23rd
kopykatkim writes: You could remove the top part and use the bottom as a bird bath. Just adhere an old saucer, pan, bowl anything in the form of a bowl would work. Or cut out the spindles and turn the top upside down to use as your bird bath, of course you would have to line it with something amazing but I'm sure you could come up with something, maybe mosiac? Just a thought.

Kim Posted: 6:45 pm on January 23rd
lovecrafting writes: My husband refuses to change out light fixtures. I am hoping to be able to do something with this to put in a craft booth. Posted: 3:49 pm on January 23rd
texasjunkermom writes: lovecrafting had a good, but since you are in a rental, find somewhere for it to go indoors. Then when you move, put everything back like it was originally. Posted: 2:11 pm on January 23rd
lovecrafting writes: Great idea but unfortunately I live in a rental. Posted: 1:38 pm on January 23rd
Adri09 writes: Paint it a distressed white or some other vintage color of your preference. Turn it into a lamp by wiring it starting from the base and hang it outside upsidedown as a porch lamp. Posted: 11:59 am on January 23rd
lovecrafting writes: It is about 24 inches tall and about 18-20 inches around.Tha wood is in good shape except for inside of the "cage" it looks like something has been removed and the wood is chipped up. Posted: 11:11 am on January 23rd
texasjunkermom writes: How tall is it, how big around? It's beautiful wood, but painted might be good too. Posted: 10:54 am on January 23rd
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