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January 17th, 2009 in member junk     
MimiToria Gretchen Schaumann, contributor
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1)  This is the finished box that I will be giving a tutorial of.  I posted it first so that it would be something more interesting than the raw products I started out with.
2)  This is what I started with.  Some recycled tissue paper from a store in the Mall of America that uses this to wrap their clothing in when my teenager buys clothes there.  A leftover piece of feather from the ice skates I embellished in another posting.  Two chipboard stars, a piece of newspaper print off the computer, a chipboard letter A, vintage black ribbon and recycled garage sale ribbon and a recycled white jewelry box.
3)  I started with the empty top of the white box, the tissue paper and a good glue stick for adhearing the tissue paper to the box.  I cut the paper to size and wrapped it carefully and similar to wrapping a present or upholstering.  Then I proceeded to add the tissue paper to the bottom of the box.
4)  The next step was to cut a length of the two ribbons to size and glue stick them down as well.  I cut my lengths to fit the top of the box and into the cover, so that it was a clean and neat look.
5)  The last step was to add the feather piece with stronger glue to the ribbon, than I glue sticked the newspaper copy to the star and cut out the paper after I had it glued onto the star.  I layerd the top star onto the newspaper print for the center and added an A for Ann (the buyer of my pendant) on the bottom right corner.
6)  Ann purchased the star pendant as she loves stars, so I kept this in mind when I embellished her box and made it with her likes in mind. 
Im thinking it turned out pretty great for a spur of the moment idea.  This is in the mail on its way to Ann in Iowa.  I hope she likes it!
1)  This is the finished box that I will be giving a tutorial of.  I posted it first so that it would be something more interesting than the raw products I started out with.

1)  This is the finished box that I will be giving a tutorial of.  I posted it first so that it would be something more interesting than the raw products I started out with.

A fun way to fancy up a plain old white jewelry box.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Gretchen Schaumann
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Redesigned writes: Love this, the box itself is a gift!

Sue Posted: 11:25 am on January 19th
byabpryor writes: Ok... Very cute! Posted: 10:37 am on January 19th
MimiToria writes: Thank you everyone for all of the nice comments.
Here's what is really cool, is that Ann and I became friends through Junk in September at the annual Junk Bonanza. I'm a friendly soul and my friend and I had just shared a table for lunch w/a young gal (she was alone at a table for 4 and there was no other seating), so I asked if we could share. We visited with her, and than when she left Ann and her friend were walking past looking for a table. I offered our 1/2 to them and we visited a while. We exchanged numbers, emails, Junk Market Style site info, and told them all about the Occasional sales in Buffalo. How fun is that. They've been to Buffalo since, Ann is an active member on Junk Market, visited the Haupt Antique sales, and became a friend to me and now a customer. Junk can build great friendships!!
This is testimony to that!
Gretchen Posted: 10:36 pm on January 18th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Hi Gretchen,
You made one gorgeous box here Missy! I love the whole black & white theme and think it is pretty spectacular you used so many recycled or vintage items for it. Ann is going to be one happy customer!

Candy Posted: 6:05 pm on January 18th
JunkArchitect writes: Gretchen, you are incredible talented. The box is just as much a piece of art as the pendant inside. This shows that art can be created from the things we already have around the house.


Posted: 3:49 pm on January 18th
georgiamoon writes: A great bunch of elements that came together beautifully! What an attractive package and the pendant is gorgeous too! Ann will be ecstatic. What fun to see something posted and then find out it is for you! Great job Gretchen, Georgia Posted: 2:13 pm on January 18th
roadtriplouise writes: I'm about ready to cry, you made my day. As I was reading this post I had no idea this box was for me!! Can't wait for the mail!!! I'm just like a kid waiting for Christmas right now. Very beautiful. Thanks
Ann Posted: 11:40 am on January 18th
suewhitney writes: Hey Gretchen,

BEAUTIFUL!! You know I think the outside of the package is equally as important as what's inside. Very thoughtful!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:46 am on January 18th
upyourattic writes: This shows that you care about the buyer - it always adds a nice. You did a wonderful job and I'm sure she'll be thrilled!

Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more posts!

Patti Posted: 10:19 am on January 18th
DownHomeDIY writes: OK, this gift just keeps on giving. The pendant is beautiful and the box is the cherry on top. If I had to choose between getting a Tiffany Blue Box and this one, I would choose yours hands down. This is gorgeous and the layering of elements is fabu! Way to think outside the regular old gift box!! Thanks for sharing. -MB Posted: 9:57 pm on January 17th
fellowjunker writes: So, so pretty Gretchen.............Ann is so lucky to not only receive your beautiful pendant, but this gorgeous box as well.
Well done my friend.
xojanis Posted: 8:03 pm on January 17th
CottageElements writes: Beautiful, Gretchen. This is definitely not my forte and admire anyone talented in this area. Love what you did with it and I'm sure Ann will be ticked pink! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us!

Lani Posted: 7:58 pm on January 17th
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