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August 21st, 2008 in member junk     
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Boat Oar
Boat Oar

Boat Oar

This boat oar I purchased at my local antique store. I didn't do a thing to it, but hang it on the wall in my bathroom. I thought it was cool. It looks really weathered. The mirror I got there too. It was gold & I got it for like $6, painted it white & sanded it down a little so the gold showed through just a bit & hung it in my bathroom to replace the old ugly one that was up there. I still need to work on the light fixtures!

Pattern or design used: My own design
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Cass_Junkin_newbie writes: I really love this! I've got to tell you the funny thought that i had though. when you're up sh** creek, you've got a paddle. So you're doing better than most! I hope this isn't offensive, I know it's a little ornery, but i thought funny. Nice job on the bathroom decor! Posted: 9:44 pm on May 12th
vetteldy76 writes: We have purchased 6 vintage boat oars recently and intend to hang them above our bed at our lakeside cottage.

Does anyone have a good idea as to how to hang these????

What type of hooks or nails to use. These are 5-6 foot long oars.

Thank you!!!!! Posted: 11:49 am on September 3rd
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