Vintage Ceramic Squirrel Pin Cushion

January 1st, 2009 in member junk     
MissMelis MissMelis, member
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I found this wonderful, old
ceramic squirrel container at Georgia Moons store. I was not sure what
to do with it, but knew I HAD to bring it home with me...
Once home, I auditioned it in 3 different places. #1 is shown above - in the bathroom holding my Q-tips.
Option #2: Toothpick holder on the dining room table.
Option #3: The Winner! I created a cute
little pin cushion to use in my sewing room ;). I used felted wool, batting and
a bit of embroidery thread. I even stitched on a small oak leaf to use as a
special spot to keep needles; the rest of the cushion is for pins
I found this wonderful, old
ceramic squirrel container at Georgia Moons store. I was not sure what
to do with it, but knew I HAD to bring it home with me...

I found this wonderful, old ceramic squirrel container at Georgia Moon's store. I was not sure what to do with it, but knew I HAD to bring it home with me...

I created a fun little pin cushion using an old ceramic squirrel vase.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Miss Melis
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snowyowl writes: Never thought of this before. I collect the off white old ceramics. You have given me a great idea here. I just love them as great art anywhere. I sew a lot so this is great. Posted: 8:47 am on March 4th
emw1203 writes: What a great idea!! Now I have an idea of what to do with my doggie planter. ALthough it would help if I sewed more!! LOL. But really a bright innovation! Posted: 9:59 pm on February 1st
CHICKENSCRATCHER writes: OH my gosh, what a great idea!!!
I have so many of these that were given to me and they are all really very old, and of course being the recycler that I am I have not thrown them out, but now I can make these and give them to family members to enjoy. Also some are of holiday things so would'nt that be a cute way to share the holidays with someone.

Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!!!!!!

Pam Posted: 11:30 am on January 25th
shabbychick writes: Love your pincushion and your other "possible" uses as well! My friend and I do pincushions out of old containers too - and it's so much fun - because each one is so unique.

Welcome to the site and thanks so much for sharing!

Kathy Posted: 11:22 am on January 6th
MimiToria writes: This was a really fun post to read. Thanks for sharing all 3 of your creative ideas as well as the added info. you posted later about how you make the pin cushions. Those extra tidbits of info. are so special on posts, and the sharing on this site is so warm and genuine. Welcome to the site and enjoy being an active part of it. Is so fun, once a person feels comfortable enough to get involved and than become part of a larger family of junkers at JMS.
Back in August there were a couple of posts that earlier memebers posted where they took an item and showed multiple uses for it in their home. That is always very inspiring to me, so it was fun to see your post.
Gretchen Posted: 11:37 am on January 3rd
MissMelis writes: Thanks for the WARM welcome, everyone! I have been lurking on the site for a while now and finally decided to jump in with both feet! You are all so sweet and SO creative! I cannot wait to see more great junk ideas - and hopefully create and post a few more of my own ;)

To answer Meadowview_Farm's questions:
For the brown cover I used pre-felted wool purchased online.
I used poly-fill batting inside, and pearl cotton thread to sew on the little leaf. Can't wait to see some of your creations!

Hugs -
Miss Melis Posted: 2:45 pm on January 2nd
georgiamoon writes: Miss miss Missy, I love what you did with the little squirrel and I am so glad to see you post one of your great creative ideas and I will be expecting more! The oak leaf is just way too cute and the other ideas were darling too. And Sue...thanks for plugging my store! I DO have cute things but sometimes they are even cuter when the right person gets their hands on them. Georgia Posted: 1:15 pm on January 2nd
suewhitney writes: Hello, MissMelis,

Great find and adorable 'em! Georgia has some cool stuff to work with at the store. Welcome to JMS!Have fun on the site and I look forward to seeing more awesome ideas from you.

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:30 am on January 2nd
CottageElements writes: Very cute! Love it as a pin cushion. Welcome, welcome and thanks for sharing!

Lani Posted: 9:23 am on January 2nd
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Hi MissMelis,
Thanks so much for sharing your ideas for this little guy. I especially like the pincushion idea with the oak leaf on top. How adorable.

Welcome to JMS!
Posted: 7:51 am on January 2nd
Meadowview_Farm writes: I just love how you "auditioned" this cutie in three different places/jobs. The pin cushion is so charming - the added leaf - sweet!

Now - do you felt your own wool - if so, how?
And, what do you put inside the pin cushion?
Questions, questions --- want to add this to my "to do" list for 2009.
Kari Posted: 7:15 am on January 2nd
LuAnn writes: These are very cute ideas. Good job.

LuAnn Posted: 7:12 am on January 2nd
mosaicmoon writes: MissMelis these are SO cute! What a great find. Happy New Year! Posted: 11:05 pm on January 1st
1DesignChick writes: So sweet! I got on a kick and bought a bunch of these one day, to make pin cushions. But never did! I began to kind of like them, as they are! But you did a great job with the pin cushion. Now I'm re-inspired! Thanks! Janet (love the q-tips and toothpick holders, too!) Posted: 10:09 pm on January 1st
buttonhole08 writes: Love the way you chose to use the planter... It's so pretty and useful too!

Dena Posted: 9:56 pm on January 1st
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