Oh, La, La, Vanity!

December 30th, 2008 in member junk     
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Photo: Vanity Before

This vanity I plucked from the garbage.  I took off the bars that would open if you "skirted" this vanity.  I sanded it and pluged the holes where the screws were.  I painted it and then applied a picture of the Ifle Tower to the top.  Used an old drape finiale for the drawer pull and a beaded Christmas ornament to hang from the knob.  Hope you like it.  It was a gift to my daughter for her dorm. 

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CottageElements writes: How wonderful for your daughter! I'm sure all the other girls were extremely jealous. Great job!

Lani Posted: 1:36 pm on January 1st
georgiamoon writes: Thanks for all the great projects, but I do have to tell you that no matter how detailed the instructions you give, it is your talent and artistic abilities that make these pieces so beautiful and unique. I'm sure that anyone can use this technique, but you really have a flair for the dramatic. I am going to try "SOMETHING" like this on an old vanity that I have in storage exactly like the one you did...minus the fancy paint job. I am NOT a painter but it will be fun! Thanks again for sharing, Georgia Posted: 1:39 pm on December 31st
MimiToria writes: Thanks so much for taking the time to post more detailed instructions. I really do appreciate it and hope to do something similiar. I have a cute little smoke stand that is a square shaped box that is freshly painted brown, but is in dire need of some spoofing up, so may give this a whirl. Again thanks for your sharing. You are truly talented and I like Sue are glad to see you post some more fabulous projects.
Happy New Year!
Gretchen Posted: 4:33 pm on December 30th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Fantastic instructions and they are very appreciated. Love this piece!

Candy Posted: 4:17 pm on December 30th
pizzawife writes: Hi Junkforfun: You can do it too! Anyone can. Go ahead, try it. Posted: 1:50 pm on December 30th
suewhitney writes: Oh, la,la indeed. Again, very nice. Thanks for the great pointers!

Happy New Year to you too!
Sue Posted: 1:31 pm on December 30th
pizzawife writes: Hi Gretchen: Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Don't mind at all sharing.....These "pointers" and I call them this because they are by no means instructions....you do as you like, but through trial and error, I have learned, it is better if you have a piece that has definite clean lines. That being said, sand the piece down, wipe down and remove any existing hardware. You can plug the holes up and sand them too if you are adding new hardware or changing the location of the hardware, I did on the Marilyn cabinet because the handles were smack down in the iddle of the doors. Then decide what parts you want to paint and do that. I also painted a fresh clean coat where the poster image would be. Then I applied wallpaper paste to the piece and placed the poster into water BRIEFLY, you are not "booking" the poster like wallpaper. Keep the poster loose out of the water. Apply it to the piece and start removing any air bubbled you see with a credit card or something like it. Use a sponge and/or rag. Do not apply too much preasure because the poster cannot handle it. You may be stuck with some wrinkles, but it usually adds to the piece. Take your time and do not fret, it will turn out great! Then after days of curing, I seal it with poly. You could probably use Modge Podge (?), but I rarely use that stuff because of durability.

Hope the above is clear. If not, just shoot me a question, be glad to answer!

Thank you for all the nice comments!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL Posted: 1:21 pm on December 30th
MimiToria writes: This is stunning! Would you mind sharing a little more on your technique with using the posters to create such master pieces? I'd love to give it a try sometime. I just bought a bunch of Cavallini posters and they would be perfect for a project like this.
I went back to look at your projects you've posted, and remember when you posted the 1st groupings. You are a very talented artist.
Thanks again for sharing your designs you've made. They are so unique and one-of-a-kind.
Gretchen Posted: 12:33 pm on December 30th
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