My bull skull...transformed

January 1st, 2009 in member junk     
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This is an old bull skull I've had hanging in my house for many years...ya'll don't laugh!  It's a Texas thing.  Anyway a few months ago I hit on an estate sale and bought a whole box full of mismatched vintage jewelry, beads, and buttons for $5.  Guess where most of that stuff ended up?  Don't ask me why I thought all that stuff needed to be glued onto my bull skull but I kinda like the way it came out!  I don't look for this idea to appeal to very many people, but it just goes to show you that a $5 box of junk really can transform ANYTHING!  Who'd a thunk it? 

Pattern or design used: My own design
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hairgirly02 writes: i absolutely love it!!!!! Posted: 9:54 pm on April 22nd
MumblyJoe writes: i love this..... i am working on a similar project with this kind of bling have a great eye for special projects.
Keep up the great work. Posted: 1:25 pm on January 8th
shabbychick writes: How cool! A be-jeweled bull! Old jewelry can work magic on just about anything!!

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Posted: 11:18 am on January 6th
writes: I. LOVE. THIS! He is awesome. Great job & great post!

JennyK Posted: 8:44 am on January 4th
junkpainter writes: The jewls make it a more feminine piece. Great idea! Posted: 2:04 pm on January 3rd
AtticusFinch writes: Great job, way to make us Texans proud. You forgot your disclaimer: no animals were harmed in this project, it died of natural causes. Posted: 9:14 am on January 3rd
FunktionalJunk writes: Ya'll are just too great! My whole entire family (of guys, no less) thought this was a horrible disgrace to the fine, masculine animal that this skull once belonged to. I thought it made it a little more bearable for me to keep looking at for the next however many years! I'm so glad there really are people out there who can see the funkiness in stuff like this! Thank ya'll!

Leah Posted: 12:03 am on January 3rd
Chovey writes: I lived in Texas for 10 years and I LOVE THIS, YA'LL!!!
$5? Wow, what a deal!!

Um, I have turtle's an Oklahoma thing! (lol) This would be a great idea for one that doesn't have a very nice finish! Thanks for sharing!!

cynthia Posted: 6:33 pm on January 2nd
georgiamoon writes: Yee Haw! I adore this old beast. What a creative and cool thing to do with an old skull. My youngest niece would LOVE this! Maybe I'll do something on a smaller scale for her. Just amazing my dear, Georgia Posted: 1:34 pm on January 2nd
MelHow writes: This is brilliant!! I love it. I wish I could convince my husband that stuff like this is totally cool!! Posted: 10:33 am on January 2nd
JUNKFORFUN writes: I THINK IT'S GREAT! Posted: 9:31 am on January 2nd
1DesignChick writes: Yee Hi! This is great! We all need a bull head or two around! Classic Texas! What fun! Would be cool in the garden, too. Or on my sister's gate to her ranch! Hey, birthday idea! Thanks! Janet Posted: 10:20 pm on January 1st
SnowmanHill writes: This looks beautiful! I love your creativity! thanks for sharing- Krista Posted: 6:45 pm on January 1st
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Oh, you've posted this project at the right place! JMS is full of creative members that will absolutely love this. Myself included.

Great work!
Candy Posted: 6:19 pm on January 1st
suewhitney writes: Whoa, I love this...very inventive. I'm always drawn to things that seem at first blush like they shouldn't work together but end up working oh so well. I guess it's that old ah ha factor. This project screams ah ha! Very, very cool. Thanks so much for sharing. I also love Texas and can't wait to get back. I'll be kicking off my next book tour at The Marburger Farms Antiques Show in Round Top on March 31st Whoo hoo!

Be well,
Sue Posted: 4:24 pm on January 1st
Meadowview_Farm writes: This is cool & funky & way creative...really caught my eye!
Thanks for sharing!
Kari Posted: 4:16 pm on January 1st
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