Biscuit Cutter Incense Burner and Candle Holder

August 14th, 2008 in projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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One vintage piece transforms into two useful projects.
One vintage piece transforms into two useful projects.

One vintage piece transforms into two useful projects.

It's a family affair! This project was created by a junkin' mother/daughter team, E and me.

Elizabeth is all about easy and functional with a modern/industrial style. I think it's hysterical that she chose to make a candle holder after all of the grief she's given me throughout the years for doing the same! I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree after all. Hmmm...

Junk Market Style Difficulty Meter

Vintage biscuit cutter set
One 1-1/4 in. washer
Mason jar top
Instant glue (we used Gorilla Super Glue)

Method (Biscuit Cutter Candle Holder:)

Step 1: Flip cover of container upside down and use as base.

Step 2: Flip largest cutter upside down, apply instant glue to rim, and place on cover.


Cylindrical symmetry at its finest.

Step 3: Repeat process with the next sequential sized cutter.

Step 4: Apply glue inside finished rim of next cutter and slip in second cutter to give a finished edge.


Method (Incense Holder:)

Step 1: Follow same instructions as candleholder using the four smallest biscuit cutters and the Mason jar top for base

Step 2: Glue washer to top finished edge to hold incense stick in place.


A washer caps the incese holding tower.

Tip: You may want to put a plate under the incense burner to catch ashes.


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