5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Nature Buffs

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Potted Herbs
Compost Bin
Dead Sea Mud
Raw Beeswax Candle
Cloth Bags
Potted Herbs

Potted Herbs

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Everyone knows someone who loves hiking along the hills, planting and climbing on trees, or spending hours gardening in the backyard. In short, we all have that one person in our lives who appreciates all forms of natural beauty. Preserving the environment is usually second nature to them and they cannot imagine doing anything that hurts the ecology in any way.

In your effort to support their eco-friendliness, you may want to think twice before buying gifts for them. This can be difficult and confusing. To help you deal with this, here are a few cool gifting ideas that your proud nature-lover is sure to love.

1) Potted Herbs

One of the best gifts that you can buy any nature aficionado is potted plants. Why not take this idea a notch higher and gift them a potted herb plant instead? It’s useful, practical and memorable, and will reflect the time and thought that you put into coming up with it.

The planted herb can be used to flavor food on a daily basis, so your nature lover will think of you every time they use it. Consider planting rosemary, sage or basil in a small or medium-sized pot and gifting it. These herbs are low-maintenance and can grow quite large. They’re also aromatic, which make them ideal gifts for housewarming and birthday parties.

2) Compost Bin

Another thoughtful gift that an environment enthusiast is bound to appreciate is a compost bin. Consider gifting them a vermicompost bin, wherein food scraps and waste can be composted with the help of worms.

When waste food is thrown in the trash, it ends up in the landfill along with other garbage. In the process of decomposing there, it gives rise to harmful greenhouse gas, methane, which contributes to global warming. A vermicompost bin, however, can prevent this.

Whether it is food scraps, vegetables, fruits, or coffee grounds, worms eat everything. They even eat eggshells. One can get rid of these everyday waste items in a useful manner.

The bin can be easily placed in the kitchen. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t smell.

While making a vermicompost bin may not sound like a lot of fun, it is certainly worth the effort. You never know, you might just enjoy the process of creating something that benefits the environment and makes your nature-loving friend happy. It makes for the perfect gift for housewarming occasions.

3) Dead Sea Mud

As the name suggests, this is no ordinary mud, but one that is sourced from the Dead Sea. Thanks to its high levels of salts and minerals, this mud is effective in treating several skin disorders. It is also high in calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Dead Sea mud is helpful in managing conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It also has natural exfoliating properties and is helpful in restoring the skin’s pH balance. It beautifies facial skin by improving its elasticity, minimizing pores, and slowing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It can also be used to prevent hair loss and decrease cellulite.

Dead Sea mud soap bars and masks can make for extremely considerate gifts for anyone who is a fan of using natural products. Gift these as a birthday present with a thoughtful birthday message and watch your friend glow already!

4) Raw Beeswax Candle

Did you know paraffin candles are toxic and damage the environment? A great eco-friendly alternative to these candles are beeswax candles, which look pretty and burn clean without causing pollution. In fact, they produce negative ions, thereby helping decrease air pollution.

Using pure non-toxic beeswax is one of the most ancient ways of making candles and the wax can be used in several forms. What’s more? It has a natural fragrance, which is extremely mild.

Beeswax candles work well as anniversary and/or birthday gifts.

5) Cloth Bags

An increasing number of people have begun using attractive cloth bags, thanks to the increasing awareness about plastic pollution. This is why they make for much-sought-after gifts.

Hand paint them with eco-friendly paints to jazz them up. Use them when you go shopping or even to work. When not in use, they can be conveniently folded and tucked in a purse or coat pocket.

The beauty of cloth bags is that they make for suitable gift items for any occasion.


A truly eco-friendly gift has a minimum-to-no environmental impact. While most gift manufacturers make it clear as to how their products are made, things may not be as obvious to others. Alert nature lovers check for labels/signs such as ‘non-toxic’ or ‘not tested on animals’ on gift items before buying them. And while green gifts may sometimes be a tad heavy on the pocket, you can rest assured that the value derived from them will be well worth the cost. The above list is not exhaustive, and with some creativity, you can find/create several other eco-friendly gifts as well.

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