The City Floor Lamp and the Country Floor Lamp

December 18th, 2008 in member junk     
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Made from a surveyors stand, this one is quite tall and would work well in an industrial, loft-type space.
This one is made from a stairway post that has chippy paint. It has a country feel.     
Made from a surveyors stand, this one is quite tall and would work well in an industrial, loft-type space.

Made from a surveyor's stand, this one is quite tall and would work well in an industrial, loft-type space.

I've been in lamp mode lately and these are a couple floor lamps I made.  Floor lamp #3 turned out to be a "learning experience" lamp and you won't be seeing that one.  But #1 and #2 worked out and seem to have opposite personalities, one is more industrial and the other is country charming.      

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sandy_swiss writes: Jovin Lampshades and Lighting provides superior service. They can custom make your order and will complete the project in good time. They started out by manufacturing products for other retailers, but now also provide their own products under the Jovin name. Their product line ranges from floor lamps to lampshades and many other lighting items. For more info check out their website at Posted: 2:39 pm on June 15th
MimiToria writes: Both of these lamps are great Midge. I'd use either in my homes. They'd be an awesome addition to anybodys home. Thanks for sharing all of your great lamp/light projects. They've all been so creative and fun to see.
Gretchen Posted: 4:01 pm on December 24th
junkermidge writes: Thanks for the positive comments on the lamps.
I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but the learning I did had nothing to do with wiring or construction but more to do with decorating and patience. It was actually a pendant lamp I was planning -- a suspended megaphone. Because it was plastic, I spray painted it with plastic spray paint but apparently didn't let it dry enough. As I was making it, sticky yellow paint was getting on my sweater, sweater fibers were getting on the paint, the chain was getting wound up and making matters worse. I'll proabably salvage it...later.
As for the surveyors stand, I always wanted one so made up my mind to get it when it came up on a local online auction. I paid $35 for a set of 2 different ones. That's unusually big $ for me, but the pick up guy said that was a great price. Who knows? The other one is yellow and I will take photos as I go and post them when I make that one into a lamp.
Midge Posted: 5:45 pm on December 22nd
shabbychick writes: Midge - I like them both - but love the pillar!! Thanks for sharing.

I've had fun with wiring too...especially hanging lights. We learn as we go, that's for sure!!

Thanks for sharing! Kathy Posted: 4:36 pm on December 22nd
suewhitney writes: You're going to town on the lamp projects girlfriend! I love them all. Your comment about the "learning experience" made me laugh. I've learned a thing or two while wiring. Tehe! Great job on all of your lamps. Thanks so much!

Happy Holidays,
Sue Posted: 8:53 am on December 21st
bubbasmom writes: I also am drawn more to the chippy one but both are very nice. Posted: 8:55 pm on December 20th
georgiamoon writes: Midge, I think they are both very very cool. I would take the country one for the shop and the other for my home which is surprisingly contemporary. good job on both lamps and I know ALL about the ones that don't work out just as we had envisioned them, and it is a learning experience...hopefully not an expensive one. Georgia Posted: 2:34 pm on December 19th
upyourattic writes: I think Pottery Barn or one of those more upscale places sells a lamp very similiar to the surveyor's lamp at a very high price! Yours are beautiful and all the more precious because you made them! How clever ~ why not post the How-To's for us?
Thanks for sharing and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!
Patti Posted: 10:30 am on December 19th
paisleypenguin writes: Love these - especially the surveyor one. It would go great in my house. Now I am even more on the lookout for a surveyor stand! Posted: 10:05 am on December 19th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: These are very nice, Midge. I've always wanted to find an old surveyer's stand but have had no such luck. Love the country lamp!

Great work!
Candy Posted: 8:48 am on December 19th
CottageElements writes: Ditto on the great lamp projects. I'd love to have the pillar one, too! Something about pillars, chippy paint . . .

Lani Posted: 9:13 pm on December 18th
fellowjunker writes: I love both your lamps junkermidge!!!!!! They are awesome......I would love to have your column one for my house.
Great work.
xojanis Posted: 8:07 pm on December 18th
MelHow writes: Both are very nifty. I think I lean more towards the country lamp myself.

I think we should all post learning experience projects sometime. I would love to see what other people wish they hadn't made. I have a few. Posted: 8:04 pm on December 18th
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