5 household items that can easily be turned into gardening pots

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Use 	old chairs
Make 	a kettle planter
Use 	children toys
Use 	an old desk
Use shoes and boots
Use 	old chairs

Use old chairs

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Why buy new gardening pots when you can simply turn some of your unused items into the best pots for your beautiful garden? Here you can find some interesting ideas how to easily create attractive containers for planting your favorite flowers.

  1. Use old chairs

Chairs can very easily be turned into magnificent pots for your plants. You need to make a hole in the seat and place there the planter. Make sure that it won’t fall. A chair can be the perfect display area for your colorful flowers.

  1. Make a kettle planter

Your kitchenware can be turned into gardening pots also. Take a kettle and make some drainage holes at its bottom. It has the perfect size for planting your herbs or flowers in it.

  1. Use children toys

Your kids probably have broken lots of toys which you still keep in the garage. Take them out and turn them into the most interesting pots. Dump trucks make perfect planters as they have enough space for creating a nice micro garden.

  1. Use an old desk

If you have an old school desk in your home, you can use it to plant some flowers and even vegetables or herbs in its drawers. It will look really attractive in your garden.

  1. Use shoes and boots

Another very creative gardening pot can be made from shoes and boots. Get your old work boots and make some holes in their soles. Plant your favorite plants and you already have the sweetest pots ever!

As you can see, there are lots of household items that you can use as gardening pots. You just need to use your creative imagination and think of interesting ways to display your favorite plants.

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