How to Change Things Up

April 18th, 2016 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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White and rust mixed with garden flowers. Yum!
What I started with...a purchased handcrafted flower, white paint, masking tape, gel stain, spray clear coat, wire, a paint brush, sand paper and some spray poly.
Here is where I started.
First I removed the tag and the ribbon. 
Then the masking tape is put on.
A coat of white paint on the dowel.
I used the sand paper to distress...but not too much!
I cleaned up the wood with gel stain.
Then I cleaar coated the entire piece.
A wire wrap was added for a more contemporary feel.
Last, but not leased the base of the flower was attached to a tree cookie for better balance. Poof!
White and rust mixed with garden flowers. Yum!

White and rust mixed with garden flowers. Yum!

Photo: Sue Whitney

When you find something you love, but it does not quite work with what you have at home consider changing some elements rather than starting from scratch. That's exactly what I did here.

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