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March 18th, 2016 in member junk     
linda_choate linda choate, contributor
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I trimmed some newsprint onto the area I wanted the lettering. Sketched up the design then overlayed both sides with shipping tape. Next I took a an xacto blade and gingerly cut out the lettering. Paying close attention to both negative and positive spaces. 
News print and shipping tape! 
The first run. I traced my lettering onto an old weathered door and attached them to a sheet of burned plywood. 
In all its crusty wonder! Very circus es 
I underlayed a lace curtain to leave an imprint on the tin. Guess who has a gold love curtain now! Bonus! 
The second run. There was  over spray on the edges but I think the white outline adds a nice pop. 
3rd run. Turquoise ♡

My attempt at mass production. LOL I originally started with the idea of raised letters from a beautifuly weathered door. I loved the crusty Ness of the patina but it was not an appropriate medium to draw on. Eraser marks= less patina. Since I don't carry stencil material at home I just grabbed some newsprint and shipping tape. (Hindsight says use a sturdier paper next time) This shipping tape though works wonderfully! It gives it great flexibilty and you can see through to the design. It also helps that it only cost 3$ at the dollar store! The second and third run provided decent results and opens up the possibility of personalization. (Because, you know, everybody needs some LOVE )

Pattern or design used: My own design - linda choate
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BrownEyed_Nana writes: I am struggling with directions. Menopause brain I think. Do you have step by step direction in a public folder, like Pinterest.
I love how each one is original. Posted: 2:25 pm on March 31st
shamrockerin writes: They all look great, but the one in the center is my favorite. Posted: 5:19 am on March 22nd
suewhitney writes: Do you have a gold love curtain now? So cute!

Take care,
Posted: 5:46 am on March 18th
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