Upcycled Typewriter Table

May 17th, 2015 in member junk     
patina+whimsy patina+whimsy, member
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I found a rusty/crusty metal typewriter stand that someone had welded a metal top to.  The top was bent, so I used a sawzall to cut it so that there was a 2" overhang around the table top.  I grinded the edges with an angle grinder so they wouldn't be sharp.  I also cut off the ugly ball casters with my sawzall.  I grinded the edges where they had been cut off.  I sanded the piece & put a clear coat over it to preserve the patina.  I cut some reclamed wood for the top & attached it with E6000 & screwed it on from underneath.  I had to pre-drill holes where the screws were going throught the metal.  I put some coats of polycrylic on the wood.  The little shelf underneath was made by pulling in the original supports for the sides that had been on the table at one point.  I screwed them to a piece of wood.

I wish I had a before photo because this was a nice transformation!!  The patina is awesome & I like to preserve that whenever I can.  :)

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - K. Kinzie
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bigdogmom1960 writes: This appeals to me in so many ways! Love the idea and end result. Posted: 2:55 pm on July 28th
gadgetsponge writes: Great Save! The "patina" is genuine and looks great. Posted: 4:57 am on May 29th
patina+whimsy writes: Thank you! I've been selling a lot of industrial pieces, so I figured I'd stick with it! :) Posted: 9:41 pm on May 17th
Junkernier writes: Looks great! Posted: 6:48 pm on May 17th
JunkArchitect writes: Great repurpose! I love the crusty base.


Posted: 5:43 pm on May 17th
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