"Coco Chanel" all Blinged Out for the Holidays

December 16th, 2008 in member junk     
MimiToria Gretchen Schaumann, contributor
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1)  This is the best photo I could get of Coco Chanel with her angelic wings on.
2)  The beginning: 
You woke me up from my nap to do a photo shoot?  Bahhumbug!
3)  The majority of the photo shoot  this is what was going on!  Kitten  Coco was trying to shake her head to eat her feathers on her angel wings.
Mistake #1)  Coco doesnt care for collars, unless she gets to go outside.  Mistake #2) dont make a feather angel collar for a cat.  Big mistake!  Mistake #3) dont fasten a birds nest w/3 baby eggs in it around a cats neck, which leads to distraction.   lol
4)  Ive been a jewelry designer for 12 years, so had to make a collar that was more a typical necklace for my pet vs. a collar.  This is what I came up with.  I had this pewter bird w/nest & branch on my studio workspace, so added 3 freshwater pearl seed beads to represent baby eggs.
5)  Next I took some vintage crystals that were part of a chandelier that I would use for jewelry design and made the extra length I needed for her collar with the crystals.  I attached these pcs. with jump rings.
6)  Next I attached a Christmas angel wing ornament that I took off of my Christmas tree to the middle of the collar part.  I added glitter down the veins of the feathers to add glitz.
7)  The 3 major materials together.
Hard to see on Coco as it blends in with her white fur.  Would be stunning on a black cat.
8)  Ok, enough already.  Im done posing.  Just let me go back to sleep.
9)  Id rather eat the feathers, Mom!  Enough of this thinking Im royalty or something!
 I can be an angel without these silly wings, crystals and birds hanging on my neck.
  Enough already!
10)  After taking off her necklace Coco was ready to attack and pounce on me.  Note her left foot lifted in the area, it took a swipe at me.  She thought it was all so much fun!  lol  I dont think so.
All of this, so my Momma could be part of a silly contest.  Meowwww!
1)  This is the best photo I could get of Coco Chanel with her angelic wings on.

1)  This is the best photo I could get of "Coco Chanel" with her angelic wings on.

This is my angel cat, Coco.  She was another piece of "found" property, just left waiting for that person that would find it/her and give her new life.  I think of kitten as my junk find.  What a lucky day that was for our family, as she has given us much joy and love.  Lots of laughs too.

Coco Chanel is our little angel.  We believe she was a gift from God to us.  We found her at 4 weeks old a little white fluff ball in a swampy area all by herself stuck between two plowed furrows in a field.  She was all white with just a touch of buff when we found her and now this is how she looks 2 years later.  She is still our "angel".

I don't think Coco cares to have me making her "my project" though, so probably won't make her go through this again.  Ha!  Ha!   Until next time.  : ) Stay tuned!

Pattern or design used: Junkyard Dog Collar Contest
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tamilyn writes: While Coco is indeed a lucky find, and very much the Angel Kitty, my burning question is this! Where do I get one of your necklaces with the bird nest pendant? I love, love, love it! Posted: 12:21 pm on December 19th
CottageElements writes: How special is little Coco . . .she's just an angel! And so fortunate to have had you find her and nurse her back to health. What would we do without our pets! Beautiful job on the color, too. You are definiately gifted in making jewelry! Thanks, Gretchen!

Lanette Posted: 7:48 am on December 17th
fellowjunker writes: You did a fabulous job on your cat collar Gretchen!! It's so pretty and the wings just put it over the top!
xojanis Posted: 10:14 pm on December 16th
Gardenjunky writes:

Wow, you sure did make your collar with your beading in mind. Lots of work involved. It looks great.

Posted: 4:22 pm on December 16th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: I love her name!!! I used to wear that perfume all the time. Coco is gorgeous and her collar is just that too! Thanks for the narrative with the photos. It was quite entertaining imagining what you were going through for the photo shoot.

Happy vacation too!
Candy Posted: 3:58 pm on December 16th
suewhitney writes: She is indeed angelic! What a wonderful addition to your family and her collar fits her perfectly. Have a great vacation.

Safe travels,
Sue Posted: 3:41 pm on December 16th
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