found this antique dentist chair a few days ago

December 12th, 2008 in member junk     
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Got this antique dentist chair at the scrap yard..very scary to think that it was used at one time..nice and cozy looking. 

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Jeepster writes: if you find out the value of this chair, please post, I Have the same chair. Posted: 6:58 pm on April 20th
MisterB writes: I have a dental chair almost identical to the one shown. [ 20's -30's circa? ] I would like to know the estimated value or what some like these have sold for. Information greatly appreciated! Posted: 4:11 pm on September 30th
suzyframe writes: Woah! This is such is the coolest dental chairs I have ever seen! It is always so interesting to see what old vintage things looked like. I used to work in a dental office and I can't imagine having to have your patient lay on this! Thanks for sharing! Posted: 7:45 am on August 17th
redius writes: This looks almost identical to a find of mine... I thought it was a barber chair he chair but who knows. What is known is that the chair i found at an antique shop in oregon had a property tag on it. The tage labled the chair as property of North American Aviation. Product number: 27352 Los Angeles Ca. E-1-41. So? N. American Aviation was founded in the 20's, i think 1926. So this modle of chair is definately circa 20' -30's. Last time i checked, antique chairs from that era bid as high as 8000 im curious, what did you sell yours for? Any info would be appriciated, thanks! -Rey R Posted: 2:03 pm on August 25th
lady1880s writes: I have a friend that has a early 20c. autopsy table,maybe from the same era as this chair,Spooky! but, in reality it's beautiful. It has fancy cast iron legs and is really a work of art. Really! I'm not kidding!I guess down the road I'll try to get a pic. talk about a unique "Potting Table"hehe Posted: 4:33 pm on August 1st
rjtrucker writes: I just got a chair that has a simalar back as yours but this chair is from Koken and has a hydrolic base like a barber chair. Iy is made of cast iron and porclin coated. With the hardware in chrome. the chrome needs work but the proclin is in nice shape. I was looking to sell it to a tatoo parlor just for decoration. Iam not sure of the value of the chair. I have been looking on the net and can not even find anything close to it. the closest I have found is yours and even that is not really close. I dont know how to post a pic on here but I will try to if you want to see it. Posted: 2:17 am on March 16th
shabbymama writes: Too funny!I was a dental assistant in my youth and this would have been a great conversation piece!! do you use it for Halloween?? Posted: 5:22 pm on October 23rd
seldom_seen writes: I have one identical to this one, although in slightly better shape - not as much rust. I'm curious to know what someone might pay for this chair? Any ideas? Posted: 4:06 pm on July 9th
WAgambler writes: love your chair, check out the one I found. I want to find out how to sell it or how much it's worth. Posted: 3:35 pm on May 10th
Texasjunkie writes: I would probably use it on my porch at Halloween. It looks scarey enough. But it is cool and I probably would have picked it up too. Posted: 2:15 pm on January 20th
burningrubber writes: Cozy like an electric chair! LOL Posted: 5:39 pm on January 12th
kopykatkim writes: I'm not sure but I think maybe my Dentist had a chair like that back in the old days. No not really but he had the mentality of that chair. He actually slapped me across the face because I was crying. Now do you think I like going to the Dentist? NOT!!!!!! But it is still a great find, kind of creepy, I hope you turn it into a great place of relaxtion.

Kim Posted: 8:29 pm on December 15th
junkermidge writes: That chair is very cool. It's kinda fascinating and puts weird images in your head. COOL! I'd love to see what you do with it too.
Midge Posted: 8:45 am on December 15th
georgiamoon writes: OMG...can you imagine the tortuous things that went on in THAT chair. All it needs is straps!!! You need to do something RIGHT AWAY to make it look like you could stand to sit in it. Although I would have snapped it up in a is rather frightening. Maybe a comfy cushion and some Novocaine would help? Posted: 2:25 pm on December 13th
suewhitney writes: Now that looks like a chair you could cozy up by the fireplace in. Ha! Very cool. What are you going to do with it? Can't wait to see this one!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 9:11 am on December 13th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Sheesh! No wonder why people are scared to go to the dentist. They must have an inherited trait of fear due to these chairs!

Great find.
Posted: 8:57 am on December 13th
upyourattic writes: It looks more like an electric chair!

I've got 2 little grandboys - hmmm, wouldn't THAT make a great time out chair!

Really, though, I think it's wayyayyyyyyy cool and I for one would have absolutely purchased it!
Thanks for sharing,
Patti Posted: 8:54 pm on December 12th
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