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March 26th, 2014 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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This is the softened up version of a very hard and sterile railroad cart settee. How would you do yours?! It could go in any direction.
This is the way I purcahased this railroad cart. Far too stiff and uninviting for my personal taste, but I knew it had potential. I love the straight lines and the metal, but I needed to cush it up a bit and take some of the hard edges away. I wish I could have changed the cushion because it is is too hard for this Mama bear, but you cant solve all the problems of the world in one day. Again, this is just me...some may prefer the stark look.
The industrial settee is very similar to the one I made several years ago for the contemporary chapter in Junk Beautiful. Little different cart, but very same concept! Thats what I call timeless. Another great thing...what can be used outdoors can also be used indoors. Twofer!
Cush, cush, cush and more cush! A combination of hand crafted, store bought, and thrift find pillows provided the cush I was after. Makes me want to crawl right in!
An unlikely combo of accent pillow make this settee worth sitting in! Im so digging the colorway. It is really ideal for a loft with lots of big windows and light. Its like a breath of fresh air! The beautiful Tulip pillow was handcrafted by Hearther of Elliott-Heath Design. I think the pop of pink really adds something special.
Im a big quote girl so I when I found this pillow mabe by Sherry Neilson I just had to have it. I love the quote, love the style, but it really is in a colorway that I have never pursued in my own home. This pillow gave me the guts to step out of my own personal box and go in this direction. Im sure glad I did. The whole room is cheery and welcoming!
Ah, and then there is my true favorite. The vintage straw Acapulco tourist purchase bag. OK...this is a buy that really surprised me. I walked in to an adorable littl store in SE Minnesot and it instantly caught my eye. When I put it in the car I asked myself...Did I really just buy that?! But yes I did and it is perfect for storage under the settee. You could store towels and spare toiletries for guests, but in my case I have future project trinkets tucked inside where no one can see!
The other reasons I believe this piece works well with the settee is that it adds good texture, color, and provides that sense of humoy you often hear me speak of.
Do you see how the texture of the bag adds a playfulness to the vignette?
Just a little different angle.
Im all about wheels. Makes moving furniture so much easier. If you know me...I do a lot of moving of furniture. Just saying.
This is the softened up version of a very hard and sterile railroad cart settee. How would you do yours?! It could go in any direction.

This is the softened up version of a very hard and sterile railroad cart settee. How would you do yours?! It could go in any direction.

Photo: Sue Whitney

I typically tend to lean toward the traditional, European eclectic kind of look. Lots of architecture, deep colors, oversized furniture, and original painted furniture. I still love all of those elements, but I wanted to freshen up my look a bit and make a move towards modern. My modern is a little more comfortable and a little less sterile than many of you might envision as modern or contemporary. Baby steps!

On another note...I'm hearing a lot of chatter that industrial is dead. To that that I say...poppycock! First of all if you love industrial does it matter that others are saying it's no longer in vogue? Secondly, i believe that there are so many different options in how you can present industrial in your home. It's all in the mix. So no matter what style your prefer industrial can be a very welcome piece of your overall design. OK...I'm getting off my soap box now. :)

Let's talk about the mix. I purcahsed everything in this room on different days and different types of shopping venues. I never carry a notebook with me when designing anything. I just trust my gut. If you buy only what you truly love it will all come togeter and put a smile on your face. Funny how that works.

You'll be seeing the entire room when it is finished, but that may be awhile. Until then here is a sneak peek!

Tip of the day. Buy what you love, forget about what's trending now, and trust your gut. That is the only way I know how to create an environment that is truly timeless and suits the person living in the home...you! I call it the Burger King method of design. 

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CottageElements writes: This piece is too die for in person. And her colorway for this room is unbelievable. She is really incredible at putting everything together. And the bench? It really was (as Kerry said) a FAN-tab-u-lous score!

Lani Posted: 1:48 pm on March 31st
GypsyBarn writes: SICK! I love IT! Omg! jdbshfvlksfklesjf So Jealous of that score!!!!!! I can't even get the jealousy out in random letter smashing! haha
Posted: 10:46 am on March 31st
scrappony writes: Since the cart is so beefy, I'd go with a thicker pad for the seat. Soften it up with a quilt and make a padded cover for the back

The industrial look may be dead but functional pieces that last a lifetime or two will always be valued. Look at the endurance of shabby chic! Posted: 1:52 pm on March 28th
MichL writes: Ooh, so chic! Everything looks wonderful but my absolute favorite bit is the straw purse hiding underneath. Love your eclectic style here! Posted: 9:30 am on March 27th
PlentyPlace writes: Sue, that railroad cart bed is FAN-tab-u-lous. Any furniture with wheels is a hit in my book! Your space looks so fresh. =)

Kerry Posted: 5:48 am on March 27th
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