Upcycled / Repurposed Pay Phone + Phone Charger + Bank + Accent Light Creation

January 20th, 2014 in member junk     
gadgetsponge Brian Carlisle, contributor
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The biggest question is, "What is it not!?"  I was lucky enough to run across a pay phone at a garage sale and then a few weeks later, I found the used metal casing/shell.  The shell was pretty beat up but still had a lot of character.

The encasing that the shell provides drove me right to where I wanted to go with this piece.  I wanted to bring old technology together with new technology.  Although the enclosed strip outlet will charge most anything, I figured most would charge their phones, Kindles, or other small devices in the bottom basket area.

I custom cut and fitted the wooden structure to securely hold the strip outlet in place.  The top panel opens up and allows you to plug into up to 5 devices.  Vintage typewriter keys allow each person to see which charge cord is there's when the plugs are full.

The hardwired lighting in the top "Phone" compartment was shot.  So I took it all apart and installed a new fixture with a nice LED bulb (to last a long, long time and to not get too hot) and drilled a hole in the acrylic panel so that a switch chain could drop down.  This will now allow the new owner to turn on and off the light as they choose.  

Next up is I had to find something to occupy the empty hole where the coin holder went.  I still wanted to use the coin slot as a means to collect money so I looked around and found this old maple syrup tin that fit just right.  I put a vintage handle on it and now it's fun to put the money into the coin slot and save it for a rainy day!

The whole inside and outside of the phone casing was a bright red/orange.  I wanted to liven it up some on the outside.  I laid down two different colors of chalk paint and distressed them to show through each other.  Then, I taped off section to paint on some metallic silver.  Then after some more distressing, I added in some dark wax.  I was chasing the distressed style of a phone that had been in place many years and with many paint layers that had chipped away and worn away with the seasons.  I think I didn pretty good!

The custom cut piece of wood on the back is what hold everything together.  I painted and distressed the edges and front with some chalk paint and dark wax.  On the back, I torched the wood to bring out the grain.  I cut out a large hole so that any future modifications could be made to the telephone wiring.

Measurements: 30" tall; 15" wide; 10.5" deep.  Three-prong outlet cord.  Phone cord included.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Brian of GadgetSponge.com
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JunkArchitect writes: This is the coolest repurpose I've ever seen for an old phone.


Posted: 7:20 pm on January 23rd
suziart writes: This is just fabulous, Brian!


Posted: 7:22 am on January 23rd
EmmasNookandGranny writes: Oh my stars, this is fabulous!!! Great job, as usual, Brian.

~Marge Posted: 5:56 pm on January 22nd
shabbychick writes: Brian, what a perfect re-use for your phone-tastic creation!!

Thanks for sharing and happy junking!

Kathy Posted: 11:24 am on January 21st
StrangeCargo writes: Brian, whew, you resurrected something that was around in the dinosaur era that most people today wouldn't know existed, or what it was used for! Your creation makes the word "multitasking" an understatement.

Wonderful !

Ken Posted: 4:46 am on January 21st
TinTinJunkFan writes: Who doesn't love an old pay phone?! This is so creative...love the colors! Love that light! Great job! Posted: 10:01 am on January 20th
suewhitney writes: Hello All!

With great pleasure I re-introduce a veteran and extremely talented JMS contributor...Brian Carlisle. It has been so much fun to watch Brian evolve over the past couple of years. Although he is still the master of all things bird related, he has branched out into so many different types of creative ventures it makes my head spin. I'm always excited to get an email from Brian that he has a post in the hopper! Like a giddy child I go from my email directly too the site to see what he has come up with this time! His projects are always extremely creative, well thought out, and executed to perfection! Even better than that ...they bring a great big smile to my face

On top of being talented I think Brian just might be one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He's always there too lend a helping hand, always full of good suggestions, and always encourages others through his thoughtful comments on the site. I think you all know exactly what I mean!

Brian sent me a message on FB that his next project (this One) would knock my socks and boots off. He is absolutely correct!!! I t did! Apparently I am supposed to provide a video of my socks and boots being blown off...I'll work on that! :) Please take the time to really go through Brian's project to see exactly how he put this piece together. It's amazing! While you're here remember to say hi and say thanks for all you do! Thanks, Brian you truly are a delight!


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